Monday, January 17

More snow and better skiing. This is how the weather will be on Christmas Eve.

Christmas in space offers somewhat milder weather and more snow in Eastern Norway than the raw cold Christmas weekend. Add the ski trip to the end of the Christmas holidays, the meteorologists advise.

Skiing in Eastern Norway has not been much to talk about so far this Christmas. Jan and Hege Sandtrø tested the route at Frognerseteren in Oslo, but considered on Saturday going down to Holmenkollen where the snow cannons have made the trails better.

It has been a shivering cold Christmas Eve and the first day of Christmas in large parts of the country.

The cold record last night was set in Karasjok where the temperature crept down to minus 28.2 degrees.

In southern Norway, at the measuring station at Rena in Østerdalen, the temperature crept the lowest. Here, 25 degrees Celsius was measured on Christmas night. Also in the Oslo area, temperatures were well below 10 degrees Celsius.

From Monday, this will change, meteorologist on duty Rafael Escobar Løvdahl at the Meteorological Institute tells Aftenposten.

– Then there will be a little more clouds and rising temperatures. There will be some snow over large parts of southern Norway and eastern Norway, he says.

A few days of light snowfall came just in time to save a white Christmas in the capital. Now there is more snow. Here from the Opera House and the Munch Museum in Bjørvika.

Promises better skiing

When asked how much snow there is, the meteorologist answers that in eastern Norway and in the mountain areas in southern Norway there is talk of more than one centimeter, but probably less than ten centimeters during Christmas.

– Will it be enough to save the ski slope?

– It is not difficult to say that it will be significantly better skiing, because there is very little snow off the slopes from before. There is more moisture in the atmosphere, so this snow that is coming is a snow you can work with a little more than the dry snow that has come in the last few days. Whether there will be great conditions, on the other hand, is not entirely certain, says Løvdahl.

News about more snow pleases Jan and Hege Sandtrø. On the first day of Christmas, they tested the lead at Frognerseteren in Oslo.

– It is so important to get out a little, especially now during the pandemic, the two say to Aftenposten.

Gradually snow showers in the south

In northern Norway, there have been some heavy snow showers in recent days, a lot of heavy rainfall in a short time. In southern Norway, one can expect a more gradual snowfall, so the advice from the meteorologist is clear.

– It will probably be better skiing beyond Christmas in space. It may be a good idea to take the ski trip at the end of the period, he says.

Along the coast in the south, precipitation can come as sleet in several places.

Must still fire

With sky-high electricity prices, there are probably more people who think it’s okay for temperatures to rise somewhat.

Electricity price second Christmas day will be NOK 1.87 in pure power price in southern and western Norway, shows recent figures from the power exchange Nord Pool.

Here the price is determined one day in advance. There is a slight drop in the price from the first day of Christmas, where the daily price is NOK 2.0 for customers in southern and western Norway.

The most expensive hour for these customers today is between 6 pm and 7 pm, with a base price of 2.38 øre.

– It must probably still be fired, but now you drop the bottoms at minus 20 degrees that you have seen, says Løvdahl about the development in temperature.

He expects temperatures between 0 and 5 degrees Celsius along the coast and between 0 and 10 degrees Celsius in the rest of Eastern Norway. In the Oslo area, a few degrees below zero are expected.

When it comes to the New Year’s weekend, the picture, according to the meteorologist, is still too uncertain to say whether there will be weather for New Year’s rockets.

Minor snow showers in the north

What about the northern parts of the country?

– The intense snow showers that have been in northern Norway are over, even though there may be some snow in some places, the meteorologist says.

He still warns of cold weather.

– But it gets a little calmer, lighter and clearer. The New Year’s weekend also seems to be clear weather in the north of our country.

For northern and central Norway, the price of electricity rises from 32 øre to 50 øre, reports E24. For these customers, the most expensive hour will be between 10 pm and 11 pm, with a price of 56 øre.

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