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Marna Haugen about the Torpet celebrity stay: – As medicine

In May, influences Marna Haugen (40) set foot on the Torpet celebrity farm, Søndre Størholdt. Here she was to roll up her sleeves and take on farm life together with actress and singer Mia Gundersen (60) and influencer Martine Lunde (25).

After only three days inside the Farmen celebrity in 2017, Haugen was hungry for revenge when she moved into the Torpet celebrity four years later.

These three will compete at Torpet celebrity

At Torpet celebrity, the three participants will fight against those who are knocked out of Farmen celebrity. Finally, one person gets to return to the Farm celebrity farm, and fight for the victory.

See the exclusive photos from this year’s Torpet celebrity season in the video at the top of the case.

Recommends farm life

When TV 2 hits the thread almost six months after the recording of the program, the 40-year-old has only words of praise to say about his stay at the small farmhouse.

– I’ve had the time of my life. We had a very, very fun time, she shares.

– Before you went in, you told that Torpet celebrity would be a nice housewife holiday. Did the stay live up to expectations?

– Yes. I recommend everyone to have a holiday stay that way there. All everyday distractions are gone. You are without a phone, you have to work for your food, you live with the animals. The whole day is about the work you have to do to get food on the table. You eat clean food and drink clean water, and you are then refreshed. You can charge the batteries, even if you work and are on the move, she believes.

FARM LIFE: Influencer Marna Haugen describes the Torpet celebrity stay as a detox from the modern, hectic daily life. Photo: Alex Iversen / TV 2

The influencer expresses that it takes a bit of one when interacting with others from morning to night.

– It is clear that it is demanding to live with other people, you have to work with yourself. Well-being is very important. It’s alpha and omega. I’m not a person who bothers to live in conflicts, because then nothing is fun.

Furthermore, Haugen is in no doubt about which farm she prefers.

– The farm is just chaos. It’s drama around the clock. Torpet is a resort. There is little food, but I enjoy it. I think it was perfectly OK. I enjoyed saving on food. Everything was really just benefits. “Less is more”, and that is Torpet, she states.

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– Went very well

After the healthy woman underwent treatment for cervical cancer two years ago, she has been affected by fatigue. It should turn out to be nothing to stop the farm work.

– It went really well. My challenge is to have a lot of noise around me and it also focuses on. Social media is really killing my head. But inside it went just fine. It was so very predictable everything to do, you had so much less of everything, so it was medicine for me.

On the red carpet for the first time after the cancer relapse: – Could not bear it

– What will it be like to look back on life again, when it starts to go on TV?

– I’m really looking forward to it starting – and I’m not the one who always likes to see myself on TV. I’m very excited about how I’m made and how they’ve cut it all together. I will sit on the bench to watch.

And when the Torpet celebrity participant – who grew up on a farm – enters the screen again, family members sit and rejoice at the sight of her.

Here John Arne Riise gets enough: – I do not mind this

– They think it’s very fun because they do not expect me to be able to run a farm. I have been the youngest man on the farm, so I have never had any obligations to anything, she says, and continues:

– I’m pretty tough, but I do not have the part and I’m not a boy. I’m the little girl who ran around picking flowers, and now I’m going to run a farm and have that responsibility. I think Dad’s going to come along and have a laugh or two.

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