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Kristofer Hivju is currently working on a new “Beck” film – these are the dreams he dreams of playing

Kristofer Hivju’s career arrow points in one direction, and it has done so in recent years. He is currently involved in major film and series ventures, and he plays a wide range of different roles.

This autumn we got a reunion with Hivju as a crazy Russian in the “First Time Service” on NRK, and this winter we see him in the role of stool servant in the Norwegian interpretation of “Three Nuts for Cinderella”.

In December, the coveted movie star also premiered season two of the fantasy series “The Witcher” on Netflix.

WILD PERSON: In the Netflix series “The Witcher”, Hivju is unrecognizable in the role of “The Level”. Photo: Netflix

On December 25, he is up to date with a new “Beck” film, where we get a reunion with Hivju in the role of crime investigator Steinar Hovland.

It is conceivable that an actor like Hivju has been allowed to play all the roles he has wanted, but there are still some dream roles he has not yet been allowed to realize.

Watch Hivju talk about different roles and “Beck” premiere in the video at the top of the case.

A film series for over 20 years

In nine films we have seen Hivju play the talented chemist Steinar Hovland, and the new film “Beck – a new life” is film number 43 in the series of the entire “Beck” universe.

– What can we expect from this film?

– So “Beck” is “Beck”, really. What you expect to get, you get. And I think that is also the reason why “Beck” has been around for over twenty years. In fact, I think it’s one of the longest-running film series in world history. No one has made more films under one name than “Beck”, he says and continues:


THE NINTH FILM: “Beck – a new life” is the ninth in a row in which Hivju participates. Photo: Johan Paulin

– This is crime, and it’s about humanity, and why people end up in situations where the police are involved. Of course, it is also about the lives of the police and their ladies, Hivju tells TV 2.

“Beck” is a Swedish crime series that came out with its first film in 1998. Now four new films have been made, and all are scheduled to come during 2022. “Beck – a new life” starts where the previous Beck- the movie “The Lost Son” ended, and can be seen on TV 2 and C More.

Jesus or … Hamlet?

Hivju has truly had an adventurous career so far, with roles in award-winning productions; as in the series «Game of Thrones», and in the film «Tourist», where he won an award for best supporting actor.

– What type of role do you like best to play?

– In «The First Time Service» I am a crazy Russian, in «The Witcher» I play a mixture of a wild boar, bear and human, and in «Beck» I am good old Steinar Hoveland, who is a healthy and normal human being. So it’s a good span! But what do I thrive on? I thrive in everything that lives, really.

But even though Hivju has been allowed to play roles other actors can only dream of, there are still some roles that hang high with him.

SWEDISH CRIME: Hivju plays a sought-after crime investigator in «Beck».  Photo: Johan Paulin

SWEDISH CRIME: Hivju plays a sought-after crime investigator in «Beck». Photo: Johan Paulin

– I dream of playing Jesus and Hamlet, .. or Hamlet I might start to get a little too old for, but it’s okay, he says and laughs.

The most important thing for the Norwegian actor is to find roles that suit him, and he believes that many good roles have not yet been written.

– I look forward to playing things that I feel reason, and that make me passionate about it. I have to feel like I’m going to be different. It’s not like in the old days, when there was only this and that role – now people write new roles all the time.

– I can only hope that I find roles that suit me and my commitment perfectly, he says.

Releases disc

Hivju is a man with many balls in the air, and while the premieres have been in line this autumn and winter, Hivju is working on new projects. But that’s not all he can say much about.

– Not all plans are allowed to be talked about before they actually happen. The world is as it is, and projects are put on hold due to the pandemic. There’s a lot going on, but I do not trust that the job is underway until I stand in front of the camera.

But back home in Norway, he is working on his own project.

– I’m making a record. It is an album that I have written myself, and it is a project in collaboration with Olav Lystrup. I look forward to showing it, he teases.

– When will the album be released?

– It will come when it comes. I have to spend some time finding the sound and the expression I want, but it is a great pleasure to work with at least.

One important Christmas tradition

Now that Christmas is in full swing, many people are sticking to their Christmas traditions. For Hivju, Christmas is about relaxing with the family.

TIME FOR FAMILY: Christmas means quality time with the family for Hivju.  Photo: Aurora Hovland / TV 2

TIME FOR FAMILY: Christmas means quality time with the family for Hivju. Photo: Aurora Hovland / TV 2

– How do you deal with Christmas streaks?

– I cope with the Christmas season by making intense attempts to enjoy myself. Preferably with gingerbread and lots of candles. And I always have to listen to the classic Christmas broadcast on NRK Radio.

– Do you and your family have any special Christmas traditions?

– Well, the classic “Three nuts for a cinderella” must be seen on Christmas Eve, but this year it may have to be seen in the new Norwegian version, he says and smiles.

– Christmas is family time, a time to enjoy yourself. Personally, I really only have the one tradition that I have to eat a chocolate pixie on the morning of Christmas Eve. Then Christmas is set for me.

– Just one chocolate gnome?

– It can quickly become four, but it must be such a hollow chocolate gnome, he emphasizes.

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