Wednesday, January 19

Fire and smoke development at Northvolt’s factory in Sweden

Northvolt confirms that smoke generated from a battery cell at Northvolt Labs.


Several patrols have been on site in Västerås in Sweden, where there has been smoke development at a battery factory, writes the Swedish police.

– Just before lunch, smoke developed from a battery cell at Northvolt Labs in Västerås. As a result, the fire alarm went off, and the automatic extinguishing system was started, explains communications manager Jesper Witgard in Northvolt for E24.

The police were first informed by the rescue service that there had been an explosion, and that there was a danger of several explosions. But the police later report that there was only a fire and then smoke development, and that the fire was extinguished quickly by the automatic extinguishing system.

Witgard says that the situation was handled together with the local authorities, in accordance with the safety routines. Just before 1 pm, he says that the situation is under control.

– As part of these routines, a number of people, who have potentially been exposed to the smoke, have been sent for a medical examination. We have been told that everyone is fine, says Witgard. According to the Swedish news agency TT, two people were sent to hospital by ambulance.

The first message about the incident came in at 11 o’clock.

Collaborates with Hydro

Hydro and Northvolt entered into a battery collaboration in 2020. “Hydro Volt” will recycle batteries from electric cars. The facility will cost one hundred million kroner and be located in Fredrikstad. The facility should cost around 120 million kroner and is still under construction. According to the plan, the company will recycle over 20,000 batteries a year at its first factory.

Hydro is a small shareholder in Northvolt, and has been on the investor side since 2019.

They are also considering building a larger dismantling factory near the new facility. The batteries that are to be recycled come in through the Norwegian car collection system Autoretur, which is run by car importers, he says.

The company Batteriretur will operate Hydrovolt’s facilities, and will assess whether the batteries can be used further, including in connection with solar cells. The batteries that can no longer be used go on to disassembly and discharging.

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