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Families with children among those evacuated after a fire in Oslo

BURNED OUT: The apartment at Stovner in Oslo burned violently and led to major injuries and serious consequences.

One person died, three fire constables were injured and 30 people were accommodated in a hotel after a fire broke out in an apartment at Stovner in Oslo on the night before Christmas Day.

Just before midnight on Saturday night, the fire brigade received a message that there was a fire on the ground floor of a block of flats in Tokerudberget on Stovner in Oslo.

During the fire, 30 people were evacuated from their homes.

– Many evacuated themselves. The apartment is overheated. During the fire, 30 people were evacuated from their homes.

– Many evacuated themselves. The apartment is on fire, said operations manager Line Skott in the Oslo police district to VG at 01.32 on the night before Christmas Day.

At 04.00 wrote NTB that a person had been found dead and that relatives had been notified.

See VG’s photos from the fire here:

Smoke divers had to pull out

Oslo Fire and Rescue Center writes in one Facebookinnlegg Sunday afternoon that they were first notified that smoke was entering an apartment via a valve in the bathroom. And that minutes later flames came out of the balcony. Several of the neighbors were evacuated from their balconies.

Working conditions must have gradually become difficult.

– After 15-20 minutes, smoke divers have to pull out due to strong heat, and external extinguishing efforts continue, it says.

Three fire constables were injured in the firefighting work.

– The conditions on site unfortunately mean that three of our own crews sustain injuries. One is taken to Ahus and two are taken to the emergency room. Our colleague at Ahus is still hospitalized for observation and will probably be discharged during the day, the agency writes.

The three are followed up further by peer support and leaders. The police and the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority are routinely notified.

Evacuated to hotel

On Saturday afternoon, the crime watchdog in Oslo informs VG that they do not yet know why the fire occurred in the apartment in the nine-storey apartment block and that they can only start investigations on Monday, since preparations must be made.

The 30 people who were evacuated have still not been allowed to return to their homes. The crime watch in Oslo says it is uncertain how long it will be, but that the block must first be rehabilitated and that they have examined the building, but have not started work on this yet Saturday afternoon.

The health service in Oslo municipality writes in an e-mail to VG that they have assisted the evacuees through the night.
– Social outpatient emergency service (SAA) assisted with psychosocial follow-up of the evacuees last night. SAA has arranged contact with a suitable hotel for accommodation for the evacuees, writes communications manager Christian Ekker Hansen in the e-mail.

When asked by VG, he confirms that there are families with children among the evacuees.

– Be awake and present

The Oslo Fire and Rescue Service writes that their thoughts go to the relatives of the deceased. At the same time, they come up with some advice to prevent fire.

– This tragic fire is a reminder of the importance of ensuring the earliest possible warning by having a smoke alarm in all living rooms and bedrooms. At the same time, on a general basis, we ask everyone to be careful when using candles / open flames, be alert and present when cooking and using electrical items.

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