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Claire Foy on sex scenes: – Scary

TV FAVORITE: Claire Foy, here at a premiere in London in October.

“The Crown” star Claire Foy (37) dislikes having to simulate sex on film and TV, but realizes that it is necessary.

TV viewers got to know Foy well through her role as Queen Elizabeth in previous seasons of “The Crown”, an achievement for which she won a number of prestigious awards.

Hot sex scenes, however, were not something she needed to work on in that context – unlike the BBC series “A Very British Scandal”, which premieres on Christmas Day.

There, Foy portrays the late Duchess Margaret Campbell in the story that revolves around Campbell’s highly controversial divorce in 1963.

– It is a very demanding limit, because you basically feel betrayed when you as a woman have to perform artificial sex in front of the camera. You can not help feeling naked. It’s scary – in fact the scariest thing you can do, says Foy BBC Radio 4.

She says that even though everyone strives not to feel that way, it is inevitable.

– Unfortunately, that’s the reality. But right here I felt very strongly that these scenes had to be included, she says about her new TV role.

– But it had to appear feminine. I did not want it to end in such a cruel sexual climax as one often sees on the cinema screen.

QUEEN: Claire Foy in the role of Queen Elizabeth in “The Crown” on Netflix.

Foy also talks about how upset she is that women who are open about sexuality can experience being “slut-shamed”, ie being branded cheap.

– I hate the term «slut-shaming», I absolutely detest it. But I think women have really been exposed to it throughout the ages. I think that Eva was also probably “slut-shamed”, says the actress.

However, the 37-year-old believes that women in the film and TV industry are getting more attention now than before, and that society is moving in the right direction.

– I see light far ahead in the tunnel.

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