Friday, January 28

Cheers over new numbers: – Very happy

With an increasing infection trend in recent weeks and new comprehensive measures, this year’s Christmas has also been demanding for many.

But now it seems that the arrows are pointing in the right direction. In the last 24 hours, 2,268 corona infections have been registered in Norway. That is 2,421 fewer than the same day last week.

In the last seven days, an average of 3,776 corona infections have been registered per day. The corresponding average seven days ago was 4,702, so the trend is declining.

Now Assistant Health Director Espen Rostrup Nakstad believes that there is reason for optimism.

– Good effect

On the first day of Christmas, 283 corona-infected patients were admitted to hospitals in Norway. There is a decrease of five patients from Christmas Eve.

79 of the patients receive respiratory treatment, and 114 are in the intensive care unit.

There are one fewer on the respirator and five fewer in the intensive care unit than the day before, according to the Norwegian Directorate of Health’s overview on Christmas Day.

Nakstad believes the admissions are a good picture of successful measures.

– I am very happy to see that the numbers flatten out after the measures that have come a few weeks ago, and we actually see that there is a decrease in the number of admissions, Nakstad says to TV 2 and confirms:

– It shows that the measures have had a good effect.

Fewer with serious illness

Omikron has become the dominant virus variant in the country and has been documented as highly contagious. The variant, on the other hand, is assumed to lead to fewer serious disease courses than with previous variants.

– We assume that there are fewer people who get serious illness with omicron than with delta, he says.

– A preliminary estimate is that it gives half as many hospital admissions.

The start at the end

The assistant health director believes 2022 could be the year we get out of the pandemic.

– It may be, it’s hard to say. The challenge is that it is so contagious that you get even more hospitalizations and pressure on society.

He believes the solution may be to build a universal immunity.

– If it helps to build immunity together with vaccination, 2022 seems to be the year where the population all over the world starts to get so much resistance to this virus that the virus starts to fade out.

Not over yet

He points out, however, that we must continue to follow developments in the coming months.

– What we hope is that the omicron variant will not create too many problems in the new year, but that is what people are worried about throughout Europe.

Despite a hope that 2022 may be the start of the end, he believes it now depends a lot on how the virus develops.

– The omikron variant must be monitored and taken one day at a time.

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