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Bygda Sørvær without internet and mobile since Christmas Eve

Mayor of Hasvik Eva Husby

Ever since Christmas Eve, those who live in the small village of Sørvær in Finnmark have lacked internet and mobile. – The saddest thing is that people have not been able to call their loved ones around the country on Christmas Eve.

– I have received confirmation that those who live in Sørvær have been without mobile and internet since 23 December, says mayor Eva Husby to VG.

She is the rapporteur in Hasvik, where Sørvær is located. The village is located on the island of Sørøya off the coast of Finnmark, and about 150 people live there.

– The reason they do not have a mobile and internet is because bad weather has damaged a fiber cable, says Husby.

She comes straight from Sørvær when VG calls, and says that those she has talked to are not necessarily afraid.

– There were not many who said they were afraid. But many people I have talked to say that it was sad not to be able to call home to their loved ones around the country on Christmas Eve.

From the municipality’s side, they have chosen not to put in emergency preparedness.

– We are in close dialogue with Telenor and there is a lifeboat permanently in Sørvær. Therefore, we have come to the conclusion that we do not put in place emergency preparedness.

Telenor’s coverage director, Bjørn Amundsen, tells VG that the error is due to one of their base stations.

Telenor’s coverage director, Bjørn Amundsen, tells VG that the error is due to one of their base stations, which they rent from Hammerfest Energi, which has been destroyed.

– We have many base stations in Hasvik. One of the base stations does not work, and since the weather has been so bad, it has not been possible to travel to Sørvær to fix it.

– I have a great understanding that people think it is awkward not to have a TV or mobile on Christmas Eve, and I hope Hammerfest Energi gets locked in the problem tomorrow. But they are the ones who have to answer when it is justifiable to travel to Sørvær to fix it, says Amundsen.

He also emphasizes that it is a maximum of five minutes to drive to get mobile coverage, and there is mostly coverage from other base stations at sea.

– But it is of course sad that the outcome is like this, he concludes.

According to rapporteur Eva Husby, the weather has improved already now. Therefore, she thought the fiber cable would be fixed tomorrow.

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Acting general manager at Hammerfest Energi Bredbånd, Cato Berntsen tells VG that they were already there on Christmas Eve, but that the weather conditions meant that they had to cancel.

– It has also been difficult to get out to Sørvær today due to local transport, because there are no boats or ferries that can transport our fitters during the holidays. But now we have talked to the municipality which has set up a ferry tomorrow morning for us.

– Based on the weather forecast, it seems that we will be able to be in Sørvær around 11.00 on Sunday to fix the problem, Berntsen says.

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