Friday, January 21

Busy day for Santa. In between laughter yoga and surfing, he handed out presents and vaccines.

Destroyed by tornado: Troy Black in Santa costume looks over a ruined neighborhood in Dawson Springs, Kentucky. He is one of many volunteers who have lined up for the victims of the violent tornadoes to celebrate Christmas.

Here are the pictures that show what Santa did in 2021 around the world.

  • Arnhild Aass Kristiansen


The American Air Defense Command Norad annually follows Santa’s journey around the globe on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. This year declared they that he finished the round at 11 Norwegian time on Christmas Day.

Number of gifts delivered: 7,623,693,263.

Along the way, he has still had time to spare. Here are some pictures of what he has been doing:

Santa is taking a selfie in the Indian city of Hyderabad early in the morning of December 25th. Hyderabad is a city in the state of Telangana and has around 7 million inhabitants.
In Mumbai, India, Santa celebrated with laughter yoga with this happy gang on the beach.
Not everyone who looks like Santa Claus hands out presents. This Santa is selling cell phones on Christmas Day in Japan’s capital Tokyo.
Santa Claus, here under the name Volmer Salvador, is looking for kind children in a shark tank at the AquaRio aquarium in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.
Santa party at Cocoa Beach in Florida, USA, December 24th.
Here, Santa Claus is handing out Christmas presents to children in a poor neighborhood in Basra, Iraq.
Washington Gularte is Santa Claus on Ramirez Beach in Montevideo, Uruguay.
Santa Claus greeted people at the Duomo di Milano Cathedral in Italy. On Christmas Eve, the news came that Italy will reintroduce bandages outdoors.
Santa Claus directs the traffic in Solo, on Java in Indonesia during the preparations for a Christmas event.
In Nazareth in Israeø, Santa Claus went back to his childhood when he was to participate in the annual Christmas procession with scouts.
Christmas 2021 in a nutshell? At the vaccination center in the Belgian capital Brussels, Santa Claus receives, with an infection-proof mouthpiece.

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