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Traffic chaos at Tvedestrand is about to dissolve

Train stops and bad weather led to kilometer-long queues on the E18 at Tvedestrand on Tuesday evening and night until Wednesday. The queue is now in motion.

The queue was still on the E18 in Tvedestrand around 7 pm on Tuesday night.

The police in Agder inform at 4 o’clock on Wednesday night that the queue on E18 is in motion.

– Still challenging weather and driving conditions, and the police and volunteers are on site to ensure that traffic returns to normal, the police write on Twitter.

– The plow crew has done a good job, says operations manager Kjell Upsahl at Agder police district to NRK.

The civil defense as well as volunteers from the Red Cross and Norwegian People’s Aid use scooters, ATVs and UTV to check the condition of each individual car.

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Moves east

Vegtrafikksentralen sør states that traffic is gradually moving east.

– A number of cars have passed, both lorries and cars. There is intense work with plowing. So it looks like there is some improvement, says Andreas Larsen at the road traffic center The Friend of the Fatherland.

At the trailer stop at the end of the new motorway between Arendal and Tvedestrand, there was a barrier stop for the trailers.

– We are beginning to get a better overview of the situation. There can be as many as up to 2,500 cars involved. This is very much and we must realize that the work will take time. For that reason, we are cooperating with the Civil Defense to get blankets, hot drinks and food for those affected, police chief Kjerstin Askholt stated in a press release shortly after 1 o’clock.

– The plan is to work in parallel with opening locks on the E18 towards the oncoming lane to turn parts of the traffic, she said.

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Center for evacuees

The police also state that a center for evacuees has been established for those who need it. The center will be at Langsæveien 10 in Arendal in the Philadelphia parish. Representatives from Arendal municipality and the police will be present at the center.

According to NRK electric drivers are starting to run out of power.

It snowed heavily in the area on Tuesday.

Askholt informs VG that these will be in the forefront when evacuation is initiated.

– We want to get people out who can not get out of there on their own, she says.

The police will also open the middle sections at the Fløi tunnel, so that people can turn around and return in a westerly direction. All heavy vehicles are stopped at Arendal and diverted away from the E18.

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Some movement

Just after midnight, NRK’s ​​reporter on the spot states that there is some movement in one lane.

The train that blocked the road earlier Tuesday was removed in the afternoon. Nevertheless, the long queues have persisted due to a lot of snow on the road and difficult driving conditions on site.

Vegtrafikksentralen states that work is being done to clear snow in both directions on the stretch. This can lead to delays in the southbound direction. The speed is reduced to 50 kilometers per hour in both directions.

Civil defense summoned

In connection with the storm, the Agder police district put staff on Tuesday night. The purpose is primarily to get the car queues on E18 started, alternatively evacuate those who have been stuck in cars for many hours or carry out a rescue operation.

Here on the E18 at Amtmannsvingen by Tvedestrand, traffic was quiet on Tuesday in an easterly direction.

– We have called in a lot of resources to solve the challenging situation in the eastern parts of Agder. That is why we have also set up staff. The situation must be resolved together with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. In addition, a collaboration will be established with the Civil Defense, voluntary organizations, Tvedestrand municipality and State Administrator and more, says Chief of Police Kjerstin Askholt in Agder police district.

Lots of trouble

There have also been problems elsewhere along the E18 in southern and eastern Norway. In Kragerø, the police have asked people to think before they drive. Several other lorries have also had problems.

There was also a reduced traffic on E39 at Nuland in Flekkefjord on Tuesday due to a lorry with problems, reported Veitrafikksentralen.

And in connection with the exit and approach from E18 in Risør, there were long queues of vehicles that had problems getting on.

Danger warning

An orange warning has been sent out due to a lot of snow in Telemark and Agder. There can be up to 80 centimeters of snow. The Norwegian Meteorological Institute on Tuesday extended the danger warning to apply until Friday night.

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