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Tip from someone who has failed the math exam six times: Meet the seventh!

The reason why I tell about my tragicomic story with mathematics is simple, writes Milan Aran (22).

Math is the worst of the worst. Still, I’m studying economics.

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The year is 2016. The sun is shining into the classroom on a hot summer day, and the atmosphere is tense as an entire classroom with 16-year-olds is drawn up for the exam.

There is a 20 percent chance of being pulled up. Even I know that this means that the probability of being pulled up is low.

It’s probably going just fine, I thought. Unfortunately it did not go well.

I was drawn to math, writing. The worst of the worst.

Studying economics

It went as expected. I ironed that exam, had to take it up again, ironed it again, took it up again – and passed in the end with a solid 2-er.

I could have chosen to put the mat away for good and hoped that the Iphone calculator could help me in emergencies. Instead, I chose to study economics. So even more math.

There I did maths in the first semester. Apply the math subject in the second semester. Took up the mat. Coat again. Took it up one more time. Stroke once more.

Soon I will have an exam in math for the seventh time, before it will hopefully be an eighth and final time next semester.

And no, the plan is not to specialize in maths further.

Simple reason

The reason I tell my tragicomic story with math is simple: You do not have to be perfect.

You must not have top grades in everything, but you should know a little about everything. It’s about having fun with what you’re good at, as well as carrying out what you’m not good at.

I’m not particularly good at math, but I have managed to establish two companies that do well, and I will start more. I chose to study economics because economics is the factor that is most crucial to how a society can live.

I therefore made a choice to challenge myself, to get better at something I do not master.

The goal was never to be the best. The goal was to get better.

Says like “Rocky”

Nevertheless, it has been difficult to face adversity time and time again. I have often left the exam room with as much confidence and hope as when I went to my first exam move.

And been disappointed.

That is my second most important point in this text. As the movie character “Rocky” so nicely once said, it’s not about how many times you face adversity, it’s about how many times you can face adversity – and still move on.

A reminder

Some students may have finished their exams, while others have not seen daylight for several weeks. Maybe you take it easy.

No matter which of these types you are, my Christmas wish is that you get the grades you are aiming for.

If it did not work out this time, then you can remind yourself that there is an economist who has ironed math six times, and who is still studying on a line that is mainly about numbers.

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