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This we Googled most in 2021

After a year of corona restrictions and empty stands at sporting events, this year’s European Football Championship, which was postponed for one year due to the corona pandemic, became a long-awaited sports party.

Therefore, it is perhaps not so strange that “EM 2021” was applied for most times this year.

And there is little indication that the football fever has subsided during the pandemic. In second place we find “Premier Leauge”, while third place goes to “vglive”.

The list also reveals that Norwegians have been curious about the RS virus after an increase in RS cases among children in Norway.

NIPH estimates that several thousand children may be hospitalized as a result of RS virus infection this winter.

These search phrases were used most this year:

Top 10 search trends in Norway 2021:

  1. IN 2021
  2. Premier League
  3. vglive
  4. Squid Game
  5. Christian Eriksen
  6. Manchester United
  7. iPhone 13
  8. GME stock
  9. Nordre Follo
  10. RS virus

What is…

In the top 10 list “what is” we find the “barrier limit” at the top, followed by “RS virus” and “parliamentarism”.

In fourth place we find “what is the Taliban”.

The Afghan extremist group Taliban has been at war with a US-led Western coalition in Afghanistan. Norway was part of the military coalition.

The conflict received a lot of attention when Western allies, after 20 years, withdrew from Afghanistan earlier this spring. The stain on the United States was total when the Taliban, after a rapid advance, took control of the entire country.

This is what most Norwegians wondered about:

Most searches that started with “what is”:

  1. What is the barring limit?
  2. What is RS virus
  3. What is parliamentarism
  4. What is the Taliban
  5. What is noun
  6. What is democracy
  7. What is the Storting
  8. What is halloween
  9. What is energy
  10. What is quick clay

The TV series took Norway by storm

You’ve probably heard of Squid Game, the series that went straight to the top of the streaming service Netflix.

The Netflix series, which has been given an age limit of 16 years, as it is described as violent and frightening, is the company’s most streamed self-produced series, according to Business Insider.

In addition, we have searched for a number of Norwegian-produced series and films such as “Not allowed to laugh at the cabin”, “Exit”, “Rådebank”, as well as the films “Pørni” and “the world’s worst man”.

These victories and films were most sought after:

The movies and series we searched for this year:

  1. Squid Game
  2. Not allowed to laugh at the cottage
  3. Exit
  4. Summer ship
  5. Rådebank
  6. Pørni
  7. The world’s worst human being
  8. Bridgerton
  9. Like me
  10. chestnut men


There have been parliamentary elections this year, and then it is perhaps natural that “how to vote” reigns this year’s how list.

Norwegians have also asked the search engine how to write a CV, how to find a percentage, how to get rid of a cold, how to get a corona passport, how to buy bitcoin and how to roast beef.

Most searches that started with “how”:

  1. How to vote
  2. How to write resume
  3. How to find percent
  4. How to get rid of colds
  5. How to lose weight
  6. How to get rid of flies
  7. How to delete instagram account
  8. How to buy bitcoin
  9. How to get a corona pass
  10. How to roast beef

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