Wednesday, January 19

The test system does not work well enough

Testing is absolutely crucial to staying in control. But the system encourages people not to.

Self-testing is a safe and inexpensive way out of disability. But now the authorities are struggling to get enough of them.

With high and rising infection rates two weeks before Christmas, it is no wonder that people are getting restless. It is now that the families will finally gather. Friends should come home from campuses and workplaces and meet each other.

If people test themselves as soon as they suspect that they may be infected, it will be possible to avoid a lot of infection in society. But testing can also be used preventively. It is a super tool to be able to meet even if there is a lot of infection out there. If everyone tests on the same day as they should in, for example, a Christmas dinner, the risk drops dramatically (if the tests are negative, then).

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