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The tax lists: “Funkygine” increased income – Isabel Raad and Sophie Elise Isachsen earned less

EXERCISE BLOGS: Financial boost for Jørgine «Funkygine» Massa Vasstrand.

While Isabel Raad and Sophie Elise Isachsen declined in income last year, Jørgine “Funkygine” Massa Vasstrand continues to increase.


The tax figures for 2020 are clear. They show a gap in the income of Norway’s largest influencers.

Training profile and program manager Jørgine “Funkygine” Massa Vasstrand (32) raised a little over 4.2 million in 2019. She stays at the high level and increased in 2020 by 54,000 kroner. With that, Funkygine lands at over 4.270 million earned kroner last year.

Funkygine ranks second on the list of those who earned the most last year, under Julie Varner (28), who tops the influencer list with more than 25 million kroner. Varner is the daughter of Petter Varner who owns the Varner group with his brother Joakim Varner.

For the past decade, Jørgine Massa Vasstrand has been one of the country’s greatest bloggers and influencers. She and her family also have their own TV series, in addition to which she has participated in several other TV productions and published several books. She is currently heavily pregnant and expecting her fourth child.

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Sophie Elise Isachsen (26) had a slight decline from 2017–2018, but in 2019 the influencer boasted close to NOK 4.2 million in income, and had his best financial year. This year she goes down again.

According to The online newspaper Sophie Elise, currently acting as program manager in «Good Evening Norway» and in the new year participates in «Farmen kjendis», earned NOK 2.6 million last year, which must be said to be a sharp decrease from the previous year.

INFLUENCES: Isabel Raad and Sophie Elise Isachsen are among Norway’s most famous in their industry.

Isabel Raad (27), also known from her own reality show «Isabel», earned just over three million kroner in 2019, which meant an increase of almost two million kroner from 2018. The online newspaper could already a month ago report that Raad in 2020 earned 2.3 million kroner.

In other words, Raad has lost NOK 700,000 in income in one year.

One who has also gone down is Caroline Berg Eriksen (34). She was listed in 2019 with 540,854 kroner in income, but now the figure is 263,587 kroner.

TV STUNT: Caroline Berg Eriksen, here under «Norway’s new megahit» on TV 2, where she recently smoked out.

Kristin Gjelsvik (35) has also had a decline, from just over NOK 1.9 million in income in 2019, to just over 930,000 in 2020.

Eveline Karlsen (29) earned 935,000 kroner last year. It is a slight decrease from the year before, when she made a real jump and raised more than one million kroner.

WON: Eveline Karlsen with the diploma for «Business of the Year» during the Vixen Awards in October.

Anniken “Annijor” Jørgensen (25) is listed in 2020 with an income of just over one million kroner. That is a decrease of almost half a million from the previous year.

For Camilla Pihl (43), it has gone the opposite way. She has increased from 2.1 million kroner in 2019 to over 3.1 million in 2020.

The companies of many influencers sail in tailwinds, even though the income they take out is lower. VG wrote in July that the limited company Sophie Elises AS last year had an income of close to NOK 8.6 million, which is an increase of about NOK 1.7 million from the previous year.

Figures from the Brønnøysund registers also show that Sophie Elise last year took a dividend of NOK 3.5 million from the company, one and a half million more than in 2019. In addition, she has taken out just over NOK 700,000 in salary.

In May this year, VG mentioned that Funkygine also led its company, Nordic Lifestyle, to a record year in 2020 – with NOK 8.6 million.

Although Isabel Raad received lower income last year than in 2019, her limited company Isabel Raad AS got a solid boost in 2020. The company had sales of more than NOK 4.8 million in 2020, which is an increase of more than NOK 1.5 million from the year before.

The company Eveline Karlsen also had a great year in 2020 with revenues of close to seven million kroner, reported TA this summer.

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