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The police after more than 80 Lørenskog tips: – Absence of answers will also be good answers

PROGRESS: Police Inspector Gjermund Hanssen says that the tips they have received are of great value, even though they often concern information the police already have. A photo of Ole Henrik Golf’s passport has been misused in the Lørenskog case.

The identity that the police believe has been misused in the Lørenskog case has been found elsewhere. Now the investigation can be sharpened further, says police inspector Gjermund Hanssen.


A little over a week ago, the police went out and asked for tips. They had revealed an identity they believe the perpetrators behind the Lørenskog case have abused in planning the disappearance of Anne-Elisabeth Hagen (68).

During the first 24 hours, the police received around 40 tips. Now they have received over 80, police inspector Gjermund Hanssen informs VG.

– Several of the tips are considered so relevant that they are followed up with further investigative steps in the form of interrogation, search for previously obtained information and new information gathering. We do not want to go into detail on individual tips or the investigative steps that are now being carried out, Hanssen says.

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The stolen passport

On November 29, the police issued a request: Everyone who has had contact with the passport, a telephone number and an e-mail address related to Ole Henrik Golf (32) from Mandal, is asked to register.

Golf has been completely checked out of the case, and the police have concluded that he is a victim of identity theft.

A photocopy of Golf’s passport has been sold on the dark web. It has been abused for what the police believe is the planning of the disappearance of Anne-Elisabeth Hagen from her home in Lørenskog.

It was October 31, 2018 Hagen disappeared. She has never been found, and her husband Tom Hagen is still charged with murder or complicity in murder. He denies criminal guilt.

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Already known

– Although we have received many relevant tips, there is no picture that the identity of Golf has been misused to a particularly large extent beyond what we had already revealed.

Although the tips coincide with much of what the police were already familiar with, Hanssen points out that it can also be an advantage:

– This means that we can sharpen the investigation further. Although there may still be dark numbers, we now believe that we have such a good overview of the total abuse, that the absence of answers will also be good answers, with a view to mapping the total scope.

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Scammed and monitored

– A good tip

Hanssen says that in principle they are not so concerned with the number of tips, but look first and foremost at the content and how these can be used to inform the case in the best possible way.

– Put at the forefront, we only need one good tip to move forward in the case. It may also be that several tips contain fragments of information that become interesting when seen in context, or compared to other information in the case, he explains.

The police inspector further says that they feel that the search has reached a wide audience, and that many have followed the call to do active searches and investigations in their own systems.

– From our point of view, this was a good example of how the police can cooperate with the public in the investigation of a serious criminal case, and we are grateful to everyone who has contributed, he says and continues:

– We are also grateful that Ole Henrik Golf showed up, and again emphasize that the search is related to the abuse of his identity and not to him as a person.

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