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The Norwegian Directorate of Health turns over corona passports. Believes it should not be used.

Omikron does not seem to care if you have been vaccinated or previously infected. Then the corona passport should not be used, according to the Norwegian Directorate of Health.

The Christmas tables are canceled in large numbers. Here from Gamle Logen in Oslo before the weekend.

The Norwegian Directorate of Health 27. november: Corona pass can be used.

The Norwegian Directorate of Health 7. december: We do not recommend the use of corona passes now.

This applies to domestic use. In less than two weeks, the directorate has turned 180 degrees.

Why do they change their minds?

The answer is called omicron, the new variant of corona.

Omikron has infected many vaccinated and previously infected people. The vaccine and undergone infection protect very poorly from being infected with omicron. This is at least indicative of preliminary findings.

Then it is not wise to let people be together without restrictions, even if they have been vaccinated or previously infected. The directorate thinks so.

They write this in their recommendations that were submitted to the government on Tuesday. Together with the National Institute of Public Health (NIPH), they came up with advice on new measures.

But what does the National Institute of Public Health (NIPH) mean?

FHI does not completely agree.

They have in fact recommended the use of corona pass as a contact-reducing measure. However, it should be reserved for those who have two doses or have been previously infected.

FHI also mentions the problems with the new variant. If it circumvents immunity, it should be considered to require that corona passports be supplemented with a negative test, they believe.

What do we know about omicron and vaccines now?

– I think many will be infected. But I do not think it will cause the system to collapse, says the South African researcher Alex Sigal to The New York Times.

What he thinks can be summarized in two points:

  • The vaccine works poorly in preventing infection.
  • The vaccine works well in preventing serious illness.

Omikron has been circulating in South Africa for over a month. It took over in record time. This is where the world’s researchers are looking for the latest news about the new variant. Now Sigal and research colleagues have made an analysis of how the vaccine works against omicron.

The vaccine should be the way out of the pandemic. In Norway, nine out of ten adults have been fully vaccinated. That gives us a big advantage.

But new varieties have made it difficult. Delta infected many vaccinated. Now omikron does the same. Probably to an even greater extent.

Where can corona passports be used?

Events in public places, restaurants, bars, cinema, theater and the like.

It was on 12 November that the government opened the door for the municipalities that wished to use it. First, the technical had to be in place. Last week it came.

The passport has some legal restrictions. It can pr. now not used as a measure against infection. It should only replace measures. Such as the maximum number of guests and distance.

Example: In Tromsø, there was a lot of infection a month ago. There, requirements were introduced for the meter and table service at restaurants. With a corona pass, bars and restaurants could be open as usual – but only for special guests. Or, those who have the green light in the corona passport.

– Suspicion

The corona passport is politically inflamed. Some believe it discriminates on the basis of health status.

Others turn it upside down. Why should protected people live under strict measures, when they are not carriers?

Tromsø has long been eager to use it. But last week, they decided to put it on ice. It was no longer necessary, given the contagion situation.

Oslo municipality, on the other hand, is more lukewarm.

“Introducing a local corona passport in Oslo now can lead to us replacing communities with suspicion,” wrote City Councilor Raymond Johansen (Labor Party) in November.

– Koronapass had been a blessing for us

However, bars and restaurants could benefit from it. The one meter has now been introduced. It will have a big impact on the Christmas tables.

– Koronapass would have been a blessing for us, says Bjørn Erik Sandvaag Stavanger Aftenblad.

He sits on the board of NHO Reiseliv. At the same time he runs Gaffel & Karaffel in Stavanger.

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