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The government does not listen to the parties in working life – does not support wage support

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On Wednesday afternoon, the parties in working life, LO, NHO and Virke, met the government – with a common demand:

A wage support scheme for companies affected by the new infection control measures. The scheme means that companies receive subsidies from the state to keep employees in work – and avoid mass layoffs as in 2020.

– The most important thing is to keep people in work, and ensure that companies get through this situation, says Minister of Trade and Industry Jan Christian Vestre (Labor).

But Vestre states that the government will not support a wage support scheme now, as the parties want.

– There has been a desire for a wage support scheme. It has not been part of the government’s plan now. We believe that the measures we have presented so far are powerful and will have a good effect, says Vestre.

But he says the government will consider the scheme on an ongoing basis.

– A clear signal

Even if they did not get their claim met now, LO will continue to fight for wage support.

– We believe it is important that there are clear signals that we are continuing to work with such a scheme. I understand that this is also the message from the Minister, says LO leader Peggy Hessen Følsvik.

She emphasizes that the most important thing is that you do not end up in the same situation as a year ago, with many hundreds of thousands without a job.

Ivar Horneland Kristensen, head of Virke, thinks it is urgent.

– The situation now is that they are sitting and wondering what to do. There are many who consider redundancy, says Kristensen.

– We have been clear on the need for a wage support scheme. It is one of the tools we must have in the toolbox now.

He believes that a clarification must be made quickly, if such an arrangement is to have an effect.

Will make it less dramatic

During the press conference on Tuesday night, the government announced a compensation scheme for the business community.

At the meeting on Wednesday, they discussed a fine-tuning of this.

– We experienced an immediate reaction from the previous meeting with the national compensation scheme. We are very happy about that, says NHO leader Ole Erik Almlid.

He believes this is an important security for companies around the country.

– Now it is a situation that is perceived as dramatic for everyone, says Almlid.

But NHO is also clear that they want a wage support scheme in the long run.

– We are prepared to enter into dialogue as soon as possible. We want to keep the expertise in the companies and make it less dramatic, says Almlid.

New measures

The business community fears that the strict measures that were presented on Tuesday could lead to an even worse dramatic situation in the business community. A lot of cancellations create anxiety for mass layoffs.

After the press conference where the measures were presented, several political parties were also concerned about the wage support scheme. The government’s partner SV is calling for it instead of a compensation scheme.

– Because it turned out to serve the big companies with rich owners best. We had hoped the Labor Party would rather come up with a wage support scheme, as LO has requested, says SV leader Audun Lysbakken to NTB on Wednesday.

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