Wednesday, January 19

Preliminary investigation against Eneroth closed – News (Ekot)

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  • The preliminary investigation against Minister of Infrastructure Tomas Eneroth on sexual harassment is closed, according to the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

  • “In this case, it has been a question of a fleeting touch. It can not be considered to have such a clear sexual orientation or character as is required for the action to be regarded as sexual harassment, says Chief Prosecutor Maria Sterup at the Special Prosecutor’s Office in a press release.

  • Tomas Eneroth has at one point stroked with her hand over the plaintiff’s upper part of the back down over her ass while she was asked in a neutral way about what she thinks of the weekend’s activity. The touch, which took place on the outside of the clothes, has been perceived by the plaintiffs as an insulting caress.

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