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Karjakin about the decline of Nepos: – Nerves

DECIDED? Magnus Carlsen leads 6-3 over Jan Nepomnjasjtsjij (right). First man to 7.5 has won.

DUBAI (VG) Russian chess hopes to have its first world champion since 2007. Now they realize that the hope is out for Jan Nepomnyashchy (31).


– The hope is not just small. It does not exist, says grandmaster Sergej Smagin to after Carlsen on Tuesday increased the lead to 6-3 – with five games left.

The Norwegian has won three of the last four games. It happened on Tuesday after a fatal blunder by Nepomnyashchi.

– Perhaps only he himself can explain what is happening. It is difficult from the outside, says Smagin.

Sergei Karjakin was brought in from Russia to help Nepomnyashchy on Tuesday. He says after the party to

– There was an error that is simply impossible to explain. I do not know the reasons, but it’s not about chess. Jan does not do such a thing in lightning chess once. I am very surprised and upset. I think this is a matter of psychology and nerves.

WON WITH BLACK: Jan Nepomnyashchij was to strike back with white pieces on Tuesday. But Carlsen won with black.

Karjakin says that Nepomnyashchy does “completely inexplicable things”.

– It is clear that Carlsen is now a big favorite. 90–95 percent. But Jan must do his best, Karjakin states to

– We must try to win a game, so that the match goes on.

The tenth game is played on Wednesday at 13.30. You can watch it on VGTV and NRK. Carlsen has white pieces.

Ilya Gorodetsky says this to

– What has happened in the last two games has nothing to do with the chess technique – but with psychology. I am perhaps the most difficult of all sports. It is an individual sport where you can not transfer the responsibility to your teammates, and there is no element of luck and bad luck. It’s just your own actions, your own mistakes, says the chess and poker expert.

Peter Svidler, another Russian top player, says to Sport Ekspress:

– I do not want to go into other people’s psychology. Jan is more critical of himself than any other critic.

– You always have to fight. But the situation is practically hopeless now. And of the five parties that remain, three are black for Jan, Svidler adds.

Nepomnyashchy patiently answered questions during Tuesday’s press conference – despite all the downturns in recent days.

– It was a blunder, but I was not aware of it when I made the move, he explained.

– How do you feel now?

“I have felt better,” Nepomnyashchy replied with a crooked smile.

PS: Jan Nepomnyashchy does not play for “Russia” in the World Cup settlement. The WADA ruling also applies to chess, so that he plays for the “Russian Chess Federation”, in other words without the Russian flag and without the Russian national anthem.

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