Wednesday, January 19

Jo Nesbø names Arild the year’s best eel guy

THE MOST EARLY YEAR OF THE YEAR: The leader of the Association for Human Drug Policy, Arild Knutsen, is this year’s most ålreite guy, according to Jo Nesbø.

Jo Nesbø and the Harry Hole Foundation think Arild Knutsen, who works for drug addicts’ rights, is this year’s most “all right guy”.

Every year, the Jo Nesbø and Harry Hole Foundation awards the prize of two million kroner – which this year’s eel right will pass on to a good cause.

– This year’s ålreite does not have to have moved mountains, been on TV, blogged or won a medal for Norway, said Jo Nesbø during the awarding of the Ålreite of the Year award at Harry Hole’s hometown Restaurant Schrøder on Wednesday.

This year’s ålreite does not have to have been ålreite all his life, or all the time, but have a peak of form this year. This is a bit in line with Harry Hole himself, Nesbø said before he nominated Arild Knutsen as the All-Right Guy of the Year.

Knutsen is the leader of the Association for Humane Drug Policy (FHN) and works for drug addicts’ rights and changes in Norwegian drug policy.

Together with the Harry Hole Foundation, Knutsen has decided that this year’s prize money will go to the Basecamp Explorer Foundation & Mara Maasai Girls Education Program.

– It is an honor, says Knutsen about the award.

He is happy to be able to pass the money on to the Basecamp Explorer Foundation, which works to create more sustainable tourism, for the conservation of endangered animals, for the local environment and to give women opportunities to support themselves – both through education and work. With the Mara Maasai Girls Education Program, more Maasai girls in Kenya will have the opportunity to take an education, writes Nesbø’s publisher Aschehoug in a press release.

The purpose of the Harry Hole Foundation is to provide children in developing countries with basic reading and writing skills. After being established in 2008 when Jo Nesbø transferred the rights and income from his novel “The Headhunters” – the economy has grown sharply as Nesbø has transferred the rights to several books to the foundation.

The foundation’s capital currently amounts to approximately 104 million. With this year’s distribution of 2 million, a total of 14.75 million has been distributed from the foundation.

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