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Ex-world champion about the Formula 1 race: – He would have turned in the grave

DUBAI (VG) Former world champion Jacques Villeneuve (50) believes that the Formula 1 race last weekend was most reminiscent of rental driving with a go-kart – the way we do on holiday or in bachelorette parties.

DUEL: Lewis Hamilton (front) has regained the lead to Max Verstappen (back) ahead of the Formula 1 finish in Abu Dhabi this weekend. They are exactly the same in the number of points.

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In an interview with he also asks if Formula 1 is about to become “a Hollywood show?”.

This weekend is the end of the season – and World Cup rivals Max Verstappen (24) and Lewis Hamilton (36) are exactly equal in points ahead of the race in Abu Dhabi.

In Saudi Arabia last weekend, there was a lot of drama, and among other things, Lewis Hamilton described his rival as “that guy is crazy” on Mercedes’ internal radio.

Villeneuve himself was involved in a very dramatic World Cup final in 1997, when Michael Schumacher tried to torpedo the Canadian off the field – but Villeneuve safely reached the finish line as world champion.

– This was not Formula 1, it was rental driving with a go-kart, Villeneuve says to

– Everything was wrong. So I’m not sure what to say.

– It is difficult to stay neutral, it is difficult to comment on what happened each time and be perceived as neutral. You will always be perceived as taking sides, Villeneuve continues.

– Do we want sports and good Formula 1? Or do we just want a Hollywood show? If you want a Hollywood show, then Saudi Arabia was amazing. But is that what Formula 1 is all about, asks the Canadian, who became world champion for the Williams team, with the recently deceased Frank Williams as team manager.

– I think Frank would have turned in the grave if he saw this race, Villeneuve says.

FRANK WILLIAMS: Died November 28, 79 years old. He was the man behind the Williams team in Formula 1.

He is also amazed at how race director Michael Masi made agreements with Mercedes and Red Bull along the way about how the starting positions should be for the restart in Saudi Arabia.

– Then there is nothing in the rules about something like that!

Viaplay commentator Atle Gulbrandsen has taken note of Villeneuve’s views:

– I partly agree with Villeneuve, but remember that he always puts things first. There has been a lot of ugly driving in Formula 1 in the past as well, and in Saudi Arabia it was clear that the gloves had been thrown away. For the Formula 1 interest, this is good.

– How will the end of the weekend be?

– I completely agree with Villeneuve that there should be no unsportsmanlike driving in Abu Dhabi. I hope the championship is decided on the court, and not with the judges or in the gravel trap.

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