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Emil and Silas from «Funkyfam» get their own series

TWINS: Emil and Silas Massa Vasstrand.

“The best Funkytwin” will appear on TV 2 Play this spring.

Emil Massa Vasstrand (24) and Silas Massa Vasstrand (24) are best known as the brothers of fitness blogger and host Jørgine «Funkygine» Massa Vasstrand (32). The twins are already TV celebrities like the rest of the family through the reality series «Funkyfam on TV 2.

But now Emil and Silas are taking new paths. In “The Best Funkytwin”, the twins’ family has challenged them in ten different branches to find out who the “best” twin is.

– As identical twins, we have always been compared to each other. Who is strongest, who is fastest and so on. We have never been able to give a concrete answer, because Emil and I avoid competing against each other as much as possible. Mostly to avoid quarreling, but also because none of us want to be the worst version, says Silas Massa Vasstrand in the press release from the TV channel.

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Emil Massa Vasstrand says in the same announcement that there is an above average high competitive instinct in the family.

– But the competition between me and Silas as twins, takes the cake. There have been fights, grins and outbursts of rage throughout growing up. With this series, we will finally get an answer on which of us is the best, says Emil Massa Vasstrand.

The news of the new series comes on the same day as the last episode of season three of “Funkyfam” airs. VG is waiting for an answer from TV 2 about what happens next with «Funkyfam».

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In the new series, the brothers will be tested in MMA, dating, killing, show jumping, drag, rabbit jumping, stunt, etiquette, figure skating and strongman competition.

Emil and Silas are also known through their own channels on YouTube.

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