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Christmas party crisis for Boris

For a week, Boris Johnson has denied that a Christmas party was held in 10. Downing Street during the closure last year. Then came the video.

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Crisis staff were set up at the Prime Minister’s office on Wednesday morning, several British media reported, after the media network ITV yesterday published recordings showing Johnson’s then-spokeswoman Allegra Stratton fooling around with questions about the alleged party.

Today at 1 pm Norwegian time, Boris Johnson has to explain himself in the lower house. In the extreme, it could be his farewell performance.

The video is supposed to come from rehearsals for a press conference four days after the company allegedly took place, and an adviser uses rumors of such a party to tease Stratton into answering difficult questions.

Last Tuesday, the British newspaper wrote Daily Mirror that between 40 and 50 people had gathered in a room in the British Prime Minister’s residence and office in Downing Street. At the same time, the rest of the country had travel restrictions and a ban on attending social gatherings.

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Boris Johnson is accused of lying

Downing Street started the week by rejecting absolutely everything. Then came half-hearted admissions that people had probably met at the Prime Minister’s office, but that it was work-related and that all corona rules had been followed.

Day by day, the media has served new revelations, new stories from people who claim to have been present, and new documentation indicating that “something” took place in Nr. 10 on December 18 last year.

Boris Johnson has stood his ground; that «nothing illegal has taken place».

But now the London police have decided to investigate the case.

When the video was shown on ITV News yesterday, the Prime Minister refused to comment. Nor did he want to repeat his mantra that nothing had happened.

On Wednesday morning, all assignments and media appearances with government members were canceled. Health Minister Sajid Javid was to take part in several morning broadcasts on British television to comment on the new omikron situation, but announced an abrupt cancellation.

Downing Street did not respond to any inquiries from the press during Wednesday. “There is complete radio silence,” he reports Sky News.

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Boris is his own worst enemy

Conservative party colleagues of Boris Johnson, however, do not keep quiet.

Many compare this to the incident last summer when the prime minister’s chief strategist, Dominic Cummings, broke all covid rules that could be broken, and drove to the family in the north of England, knowing that both he and his wife were coronary patients.

Afterwards, Prime Minister Cummings defended himself.

Opposite the traditional government-loyal newspaper The Daily Telegraph, several Tory lawmakers rage against Downing Street, calling the revelations “a disaster.” Named politicians from Johnson’s own party demand that the Prime Minister serve them Chief of Staff Dan Rosenfield’s head on a platter.

The Scottish Nationalist Party SNP is demanding the resignation of Boris Johnson.

At 1 pm on Wednesday, the Prime Minister will meet during the weekly question time in the lower house. Labor leader Keir starmer has already announced today’s theme.

Unless Boris Johnson manages to prove that the video recording with Allegra Stratton is false, or that what is said was only an imaginary situation – consequently also that the Christmas party has never taken place – he must lie down and apologize and apologize and apologize.

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Accuses Boris of corruption

After a turbulent autumn with ongoing revelations about filth in the Tory party, constant untruths from the prime minister himself, and party colleagues who turn their backs on him, it is completely open how this will end.

If he lies knowingly and willfully in parliament today, the lower house will overthrow him.

If he admits yet another humiliating fad, which affects not only himself but the entire party, there is a growing possibility that he will suffer the same fate as his predecessors Edward Heath, Margaret Thatcher and John Major: Then he will be felled by his own.

According to The Telegraph, the secretary of the so-called 1922 committee, which can demand that the Conservatives elect a new party leader, reports “some new letters”. If a given number of Tory MPs write to the committee and ask for it, the party must hold an extraordinary national meeting.

Then there is only one issue on the agenda: Election of a new leader and prime ministerial candidate.

Boris Johnson has become embroiled in many crises, and he has remarkably managed to land on his feet. Critics in his own ranks believe that this is his greatest weakness; that he is so used to escaping, that he has become increasingly careless.

After both Dominic Cummings and former health minister Matt Hancock knowingly and deliberately ignored the covid orders imposed by the government on the British, the impression has spread that there is a law for the Tory tops, and another for most people.

Again, we see that it is not the crime or trampling itself that is the seriousness, but how those responsible try to cover up what has allegedly happened.

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