Sunday, January 16

Bergen wants stricter measures: – It is an urgent situation

On Wednesday, an infection record was set in Bergen, with 384 new registered corona cases.

Bergen experienced another infection record on Wednesday, and will now have stricter local measures than national ones. It can affect kindergartens and schools.


– We perceive the situation as worrying, and there is a lot of pressure on the municipal care services, says City Councilor for Health in Bergen Municipality, Beate Husa, to VG

384 new cases of infection were registered on Wednesday, the highest number ever registered in the western village.

There is an increase in infection in all age groups under 50, and most people infected on Wednesday are in their 40s. Only three of the newly registered infected are over 70 years old.

Infection control doctor Marit Voltersvik is now so worried that she is now working on new recommendations for measures – which are stricter than what was introduced nationally on Tuesday.

– We have unfortunately set a new record in the number of infected, and we have also received three confirmed cases of omicron. We perceive that it is an urgent situation, says Husa to VG.

– A moment of urgency

However, close to 40 per cent of the new cases are among children and young people under the age of 20. Half of the new cases are among those between 20 and 50 years of age.

The chief infection control officer is concerned about the high infection rates, and she now wants measures to be introduced in kindergartens and schools.

– In light of the infection situation in Bergen, I believe that there is a need to make some of the national injunctions even stricter locally. We are now working on a recommendation to the city council to strengthen the measures within the sanitary napkin order and quarantine rules in Bergen, says infection control chief Marit Voltersvik in a press release.

City Councilor Husa tells VG that she is now waiting for the recommendations from the infection control chief, which she expects will come during the afternoon.

– After that, the city council will have a meeting where the chief infection control officer presents his recommendations, before a case is presented to the city council. There will probably be no decision today, but we see that we must work quickly because it is an urgent matter, says Husa.

Unvaccinated people are asked to get vaccinated

The City Council will consider Voltersvik’s recommendations soon. At the same time, the Health Council is asking unvaccinated people from Bergen to get vaccinated.

– The corona vaccine is the way out of the pandemic. The vaccination stations have spare capacity, and I ask everyone who has not yet been vaccinated to book an appointment quickly, says health councilor Beate Husa.

On Tuesday, three omicron cases were confirmed in Bergen. These are the first cases registered in the municipality. Two cases have already been registered in the neighboring municipality of Øygarden.

The municipality expects more omicron cases in the coming days.

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