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Advertiser Content: The Christmas gift that is for the enjoyment of the whole family all year round

BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT: Hans Jørgen Hanssen experiences what he gets to be more active with in the family’s daily life when they can “meet” via the Komp screen.

Are you struggling to find a Christmas gift for the elderly in family and friends? Hans Jørgen (87) and his daughter Kristin Fougner have a super tip that will be to the delight of the whole family.

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With a Comp, it has become easier for all generations in the extended family to communicate with each other. At Komp’en, Hans Jørgen Hanssen receives photos, video calls and messages. Every day he uses it actively to keep in touch with, and an overview of, the family.

– Hi Dad!
Hey Kristin!

Kristin stops along the way. After a few keystrokes on the mobile screen, the danger appears.

She asks her father out to dinner and manages to update him that she is going to a wedding in Italy before she rounds off the conversation.
– He is very fond of hiking, you see. And he thinks it’s fun when I suddenly call, says Kristin.

She calls him often when she’s on a trip. Hans Jørgen likes a good view.

– Then I usually let him guess where I am. That’s what I like best about Komp – that we get even better contact.


CLOSER TO EACH OTHER: The whole family shares photos, we have all become more up to date on each other. A nice bonus effect, says daughter Kristin.

CONTACT: It is easy for Kristin to talk to her father via the Komp app on her mobile.

Grandfather has the best overview

With a family that is spread all over the country, and an ever-increasing number of great-grandchildren – 15, says Hans Jørgen – it is not always easy to keep track.

– He is actually the one who has the best overview of what is happening in the family, Kristin admits with a little pride.

After a life as district manager in Freia, scout leader and guard, Hans Jørgen has been used to having good control.


Daily routine

The Stavernman seems to enjoy the role as a kind of hub in the family. But right now he is enjoying the view from his own living room.

– Every morning I get up a little before eight to watch the boat going to Denmark, he says.

– And the boat is back again precisely at 16:12. Then I do not have to see what time it is.
The Danish boat is part of the daily routines. After showering, a yoghurt, boat watching and newspaper reading, Hans Jørgen switches to another part of the routines: the Comp screen.


ON: Turning on the Comp has become part of the daily routine.

– The family is very good at sending pictures. I turn on Komp in the morning, and then it stands and goes. Suddenly some pictures can pop in and then I have to put down what I have in my hands and see what has happened, says Hans Jørgen eagerly.

– This summer I was both in Bergen, Denmark and on mountain hikes, even though I was sitting here at home. Very frugal! says Hans Jørgen in real Stavern dialect – and explains that kind is the same as “cozy”.

In addition to photos, he also appreciates the nice conversations.
– The family calls and tells what they have been doing, and what they are going to do in the future. Very frugal!

Along with the pictures, I see how the family is doing, and that makes me happy. I see that they thrive! says Hans Jørgen.

Hans Jørgen, grandfather

Old and new images appear and are mixed together on the Comp screen. We see great-grandchildren on summer vacation, an old staircase being fixed, but also pictures from Hans Jørgen’s life. From the house he and his wife shared, before she had to go to a nursing home and he moved for himself.
– I have some pictures of my wife at Komp as well, and I think that’s very okay. My wife and I traveled a lot on trips. We have lots of pictures from nice trips.

FOLLOWS: Hans Jørgen can follow the family’s travels.

Feel that I am with

– I feel that I “join” when the family calls from trips. Kristin often asks if I recognize myself in different places she calls from, but I do not always remember, says the old scout leader humbly.


After several heart surgeries and a long life, Hans Jørgen is not as mobile as before. Therefore, he greatly appreciates the excursions he gets. Like Tuesday coffee and cake with the neighbors.

– Getting older, you know, Hans Jørgen begins and looks out the window.
– I’m having a great time getting older. But since I have been a little reduced, and can not go out so much anymore, Komp suits me well.

Hans Jørgen also has a mobile phone – he must have it to be able to make calls, he says.

– I find the weather myself and apps for shipping routes and stuff. But a mobile phone can be troublesome, and then Kristin can call me on Komp to explain where I can find certain things on the mobile.

The mobile can not replace Comp. Here you also get the big pictures, and you get close contact, says Hans Jørgen.

Hans Jørgen (87)

Hans Jørgen has always been technically interested, according to Kristin. But over the years, technique has become a little more difficult.

– With Kompen you can not do anything wrong, says Kristin

EASY TO USE: Comp is a communication tool designed to be operated with just one button. The large screen means that it is also suitable if vision is impaired.


Komp has been in the family for a year, and Kristin does not regret a second of the gift.
– It was by chance just before Christmas last year that I got to see the screen and how it worked on mobile. Then I saw that it was in the middle of nowhere for Dad.

He is not easy to buy Christmas presents for, so therefore someone in the family spliced ​​to buy Komp for dad.

Kristin, daughter

Hans Jørgen believes that Komp is something all older people should have.

– I’m much less lonely. I’m allowed to live outside with my family. And that means everything. The best Christmas present I have ever received, he says.

Hans Jørgen Hanssen (87)


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