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Warns against corona tightening: – Most people feel that the workday is over

CRITICAL: – It requires a strong justification for introducing the type of intervention measures that we did both in March 20202 and in the winter of last year, and we have legislation that limits what kind of situation can be done. We are not there now, and it takes a lot for us to get there, says Liberal Party leader Guri Melby.

Liberal Party leader Guri Melby believes that the Norwegian Directorate of Health should have a Christmas table this year. And the Liberal Party and the Conservative Party have a different view of what is the right direction now, she says.

– This is not the time to introduce new, strict measures, says Liberal Party leader Guri Melby.

In recent days, a number of Conservative politicians, among others Erna Solberg, criticized the corona handling of Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre and his government. On Tuesday at 10 am, Støre will meet in the Storting to explain the corona situation.

Melby now warns against introducing strict measures that interfere with individuals’ lives.

– If this is the new normal, then we believe it is totally inappropriate to discuss measures that limit people’s freedom every winter. We should rather spend more resources on increasing capacity in the health care system.

– Does the Conservatives pay too much?

– The way I perceive them, the main criticism is that the government is unclear. There I agree with them. But we have a slightly different view on whether it is right to go in a tightening direction now, says Melby.

– It was a kind of agreement between the infection control authorities and the Norwegian people that we did this while waiting for a vaccine. It was a tough job, and I think most people feel that the job is over.

NEW IN THE JOB: Now it is Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre (Labor Party), Minister of Health Ingvild Kjerkol (Labor Party) and the rest of the government who have taken over responsibility for corona handling. Here at Ahus on 22 November.

Melby: The Norwegian Directorate of Health should have a Christmas table

– So this is not the time to send people home from school and work or to cancel Christmas dinners?

– No, we do not mean that. I think we are getting mixed signals. On the one hand, we are told that it is okay to have a Christmas table, but then the Norwegian Directorate of Health cancels its Christmas table, says Melby.

– Should the Norwegian Directorate of Health have a Christmas table when it is allowed?

– Yes. They can not pretend that it has no signal effect. If the Norwegian Directorate of Health does not understand it itself, the Minister of Health must be clear.

Can withstand it every 20 years

– It is extremely intrusive when the authorities have rules for how many you are allowed to visit. It is part of privacy, and it is only in extreme exceptional situations that the authorities should decide, says Melby and adds:

– We can not have the extreme state of emergency every winter, but we may be able to endure it every 20 years.

– What measures are the right ones to introduce now?

Mouthpieces are a non-invasive measure that most people accept, as long as they can keep their social lives and go to work or school. It is possible to accept the strengthening of the testing and regulations for those who are actually ill. But we are skeptical about going any further than that.

Requires more intensive staff

Red leader Bjørnar Moxnes says he is worried about that 72 percent of nurses has considered quitting in the last year.

He believes that it is not enough to train more intensive care nurses, but that the government must do more to keep those we already have.

– The election showed a desire for a new course. This must also apply to the health service. The staff does not ask for applause. They demand action, says Moxnes.

He also demands that the unemployment benefit period be extended for as long as the crisis lasts.

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