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The police release the name after the plane crash in Larvik

TRAVELED: The small plane crashed in very rough terrain in the Tvedalen area in Larvik on Tuesday.

Two flight students and an instructor died after a small plane crashed in Larvik on Tuesday. Now the police are releasing the names of the three.

The police have received a final autopsy report from Kripos related to the three who died in the plane crash in Larvik on November 23, the police write in a press release on Tuesday.

The three dead are:

  • Instructor Goran Neskovic (30) from Oslo.
  • Student Filip August Müller Frich (21) from Dombås.
  • Student Eirik Paulsen (22) from Bodø.

The families are informed that the names will be published.

The police received the report of the plane crash at 09.20 on Tuesday last week. The South-East police district later stated that a small plane had crashed in the Tvedalen area in Larvik.

Around 3 pm on the same day, the police stated that three people, a flight instructor and two students, had died in the accident.

According to the police, the plane was affiliated with the Pilot Flight Academy, and was of the type Diamond DA-42NG. The school plane was going on a training trip with an instructor and two students.

According to Flightradar, the plane took off from Sandefjord Airport Torp at 08.26 on Tuesday 23 November.

– After completing several 360-degree turns at 4000 feet, they quickly lost altitude, and the plane crashed into a rugged forest area and caught fire, the Accident Investigation Board Norway announced on Tuesday afternoon.

The AIBN will investigate the wreckage to investigate what happened prior to the plane crash.

The director of the Accident Investigation Board, Kåre Halvorsen, informed NTB that the aircraft was relatively new.

– A terrible accident and tragedy

Last Tuesday, VG was in contact with Pilot Flight Academy, which confirmed that they own the aircraft, and stated that they had staffed crisis staff.

It is not yet known if any errors have been reported with the aircraft.

– This is a terrible accident and tragedy. Today, I think we should just focus on showing care for students and staff at the school and their relatives. Furthermore, the work of the police and the AIBN will show what has happened, said the founder of Pilot Flight Academy, Frode Granlund, to VG.

Granlund says that the two students had gone to school for more than a year, and were in the last half of the educational race. While the employee is said to have worked at the Pilot Flight Academy for three years.

Pilot Flight Academy, one of Europe’s largest flight schools, trains commercial pilot pilots in three departments. Two of these are in Norway – at Notodden and Torp – while one is in Texas, USA.

In total, Pilot Flight Academy has 120 employees and 350 students spread across the three departments, according to Granlund. The department at Torp has about 90 employees and 250 students.

TVEDALEN: The plane is said to have crashed in Tvedalen, according to the police.

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