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Golden Times becomes a film

ON THE BIG CANVAS: The story of the Golden Age, pictured here during the farewell tour which in 2019 marked 40 years since the start, will be attached to the film screen. From left Per Gessle, Göran Fritzon, Anders Herrlin, Mats «MP» Persson and Micke Andersson.

The story of Roxette’s first band Per Gessle, Gyllene Tider, will now be both a film and a TV series.

It is Deadline who reports this.

Per Gessle was only 18 years old when he started Gyllene Tider with Mats “MP” Persson under the name Grape Rock in 1977, and that is exactly what happens to a group of teenagers who achieve sudden breakthrough success that the film and TV series will address.

– The story of the guys in Gyllene Tider can be the story of anyone who grows up in a small town, says Halmstad-born Gessle in a comment to Deadline.

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Going on a Roxette tour without Marie Fredriksson

He himself was characterized by maladaptation in his teens.

– It was about the uncertain opportunities and future plans after finishing school. Inspired by the new wave and power pop scene of that period – where a close friendship was forged in the small shed where we rehearsed – we found a very unusual way to grow up. The early and “crazy” Golden Age changed our lives forever, and it seems as if we have changed the lives of someone else along the way as well, says Gessle who adds that he and the rest of the band are excited to be part of the project.

Gyllene Tider had a number of hits both in Sweden and in Norway in the first half of the 1980s, above all «Flickorna på TV2», «Himmel no.7» and «När vi twa blir en». In 1983, they also made a push abroad with “The Heartland Café”. When this was released in the US, the band actually called themselves Roxette – a name that Per Gessle took with him when he formed the even more popular duo with Marie Fredriksson in 1986 and took the world by storm.

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Bet internationally once again

The launch abroad was a big disappointment for the Golden Age, and the band disbanded in 1985, but has had several reunions since then, in parallel with Gessle’s international success with Roxette.

This duo came to a sad end when Marie Fredriksson died in 2019 of the late injuries after a brain tumor. She turned 61 years old.

The film about the Golden Age starts production in 2022 and will be followed up with a separate TV series.

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