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Advertiser Content: Let the robot wash the floor, then you can do something more fun

TAKE THE TIME FOR SOMETHING NICE: Let the Roborock S7 + robot vacuum cleaner take over the cleaning of both floors and carpets at home.

Now you can get it shiny clean at home – without having to lift a finger. The robot vacuum cleaner has become a success in Norwegian homes. The next generation, Roborock S7 +, washes even the floors for you.

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With Roborock S7 +, you take house cleaning to a whole new, hassle-free level. Pulling out the vacuum cleaner from the bucket box, and then following up with the bucket and long brush, may not be the most fun thing to do. Although – until now – it has had to

Now you can let the vacuum cleaner clean while you are out. For the new model S7 + from Roborock also takes the floor cleaning!

SELF-EMPTYING: When the robot vacuum cleaner needs to be charged or emptied, it automatically goes to the self-emptying charging station. Then it goes back to the cleaning job full of energy.

Built-in mop

S7 + removes ingrained dirt that is otherwise difficult to handle – everything from coffee spills to muddy shoe prints.

– The robot vacuum cleaner has a built-in mop that scrubs the floor at up to 3000 vibrations per minute, says Dragan Pavlovic who is a PR specialist for Roborock.

Using a sensor, the Roborock S7 + detects what kind of surface it is on, and when the robotic vacuum cleaner reaches, for example, a carpet edge, it just lifts up the wet mop and continues to vacuum the carpet. You do not have to do anything with the settings, the robot vacuum cleaners solve it all for you.

With a traditional vacuum cleaner, you have to regularly think about changing vacuum cleaner bags, you do not have to think about that with the Roborock S7 +. Floors and carpets are spotlessly clean, and it is time to empty the charging station once every six weeks.


SMART WITH PHONE: You can decide for yourself what you want the Roborock S7 + to do and easily enter it in the app.

Control everything from your mobile

You can easily make a floor plan for the cleaning, adjust the suction power and water volume directly in the Roborock app. This feature is especially useful because some rooms, such as kitchen and entrance hall. Thorough cleaning is often required here than elsewhere.

This allows you to create different worksheets for the different rooms. Just give each room a name and decide how you want it to be cleaned. The intelligent navigation system remembers every nook and cranny of your home. As soon as the robot vacuum cleaner arrives in a new room, the tailor – made settings are activated. For example, if there are blankets it should avoid, or areas that you want the robot vacuum cleaner not to go over.


PERFECT FOR EVERYDAY TROUBLE: With a wireless vacuum cleaner you handle spills and crumbs quickly and easily.

Easy in everyday life

Roborock’s wireless, cordless vacuum cleaner H7 is the perfect complement to the robotic vacuum cleaner S7 +. With a hand-held vacuum cleaner, you quickly get rid of everyday clutter, which crumbles on the kitchen floor. You get several nozzles that make it easy to vacuum furniture and clean in nooks and crannies, where it is otherwise not so easy to get to. The nozzles that come with the H7 are suitable for different surfaces. Since the vacuum cleaner does not weigh more than 1.46 kilos, it is also super easy to handle, whether it is at home, in the car or in the cabin.


EASY: Battery-powered Roborock H7 is easy to retrieve when someone has spilled.

Efficient battery

One objection one often encounters when it comes to handheld vacuum cleaners is the battery life. The battery in the rechargeable H7 has a very high capacity, with a LiPO battery that gives you up to 90 minutes of effective cleaning time. At normal power, the H7 vacuums for a full 45 minutes, with the same suction power from start to finish. After only 2.5 hours, the battery is fully charged again.

Cleaner air at home

Even if you think it looks clean in your home, there may still be small particles of dust and dirt left after a regular cleaning. Therefore, a good filter function is important. With the H7, dust and dirt are captured by five filters, including a HEPA filter.

– 99.99 percent of all particles, down to microscopic 0.3 microns are captured. In principle, this makes it possible to remove all allergens such as pollen and mites, says Dragan Pavlovic.

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