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Great drama after a chance game from Carlsen – new draw in the World Cup match

Magnus Carlsen and Jan Nepomnyashchij in the second game of the World Chess Championship in Dubai.

DUBAI / OSLO (VG) (Magnus Carlsen – Jan Nepomnjasjtsjij 0.5–0.5, 1–1 overall) Magnus Carlsen (30) challenged with innovative chess, but ended up in big problems himself. The Norwegian pressed in the playoffs, but had to settle for a new draw.

The Norwegian got off to a perfect start in the World Cup settlement when he played a draw with black pieces on Friday. On Saturday, Carlsen was to play with white pieces for the first time.

Nepomnyashchy expressed after the first game – on VG’s question – that he was “as happy as normal one is after playing a draw with white pieces”. Carlsen did not play for a draw in any way.

It did not take many moves before Carlsen surprised the opponent and the experts. Early in the match, the players ended up in a terrain outside the usual preparations.

– This is brilliant from Magnus! shouted VG’s expert Jon Ludvig Hammer.

– Nepomnyashchij seems uncomfortable. This is psychological warfare from Magnus. Magnus says “I will play something you have not studied”, he continued.

– It is difficult to get such an interesting position in a match, said Carlsen’s former World Cup competitor, Vishy Anand.

The Russian spent a long time thinking, but managed to find the best move that answered Carlsen’s challenge.

– If not, it could end catastrophically, Hammer thought.

The arrow moved sharply in the direction of Russian victory after Carlsen’s tower to b1.

– This could end in a loss for Magnus, said Tarjei J. Svensen in VGTV studio.

– I think Magnus is stressed, it was not the way it should go. He is in huge trouble, Hammer stated.

Carlsen hung in the ropes for a long time, but Nepomnyashchjij’s farmer C3 hit the piece and gave Carlsen an opportunity to take the farmer.

– What in the hollow world is going on? said Hammer in shock.

Carlsen, on the other hand, chose not to take the farmer, but the position was still even according to the computer calculations. The Norwegian again achieved a great advantage in the position, but it ended in a new draw.

After two games, the score is 1-1.

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Only in one of Carlsen’s four previous World Cup matches has there been any winner in any of the first two games. That was when Anand was beaten in game 2 in 2014 – but the Indian immediately fought back and won game 3.

Magnus Carlsen will defend his World Cup title for the fourth time in Dubai in the next three weeks.

He won over Viswanathan Anand and became world champion for the first time in 2013.

Since then, he has beaten challengers Anand (2014), Sergej Karjakin (2016) and Fabiano Caruana (2018).

Nepomnyashchy qualified to become a challenger by winning the so-called candidate tournament, which – due to the corona – was played partly in 2020 and partly in 2021.

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