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Alan Walker burns millions on luxury cars

ALBUM READY: – I came from the USA a few days ago. It felt very good to be on stage again, it was much anticipated, says Alan Walker who today releases his second album, “World of Walker”. On Saturday he plays a rare Norwegian concert during Jugendfest in Ålesund.

Norway’s international DJ and producer Alan Walker (24) is no stranger to investing in crypto art as the city kid Kygo has done, but so far he spends most money on cars – and colleagues.

Walker, who is currently out with his second album, “World of Walker”, did not use the pandemic to ask for money for the concert drought in 2020. Instead, he set aside five million kroner from his own account to colleagues who struggled worse than himself.

– I thought it was a pretty nice way to give something back to various colleagues, both artists and the crew around them, who were affected quite hard by the pandemic. That there were others who needed it more than me.

– Because there is no doubt that a lot of money has come in in recent years, and something you have spent the money on, are sports cars?

– Yes, I’m a little passionate about cars. It is an interest that has gradually come up over the years, says Walker where he is sitting under a painting of himself in a concert situation at manager Gunnar Greve’s head office.

Just over a week ago, he was pictured in Bergens Tidende with a car fleet of four Audis and a Lamborghini worth a total of several million kroner, and the car enthusiast has already been to Porsche and Ferrari during his short adult life.

– You are not afraid of being criticized for spending so much money on expensive cars?

– I think that when you have the opportunity, you are allowed to use your resources as you wish, answers Walker, who has accumulated plenty of resources in the last five years where the total profit has exceeded 100 million.

On the office wall also hangs five crypto-like disks taken straight out of Alan Walker’s gaming-inspired universe. It is a universe that he has created with Kristian Berg and that plays a central role in Walker’s career and is used throughout his videos.

TROPHY ROOM: Manager Gunnar Greve’s office is also a room for trophies, including Alan Walker’s three straight MTV victories as best Norwegian artist.

– He’s absolutely amazing. He has built up a kind of conception of what the Walker universe should be like, and then we create a music video universe based on his ideas, says Walker who nods when we suggest that the concept is strongly gaming-inspired.

– And cinematic so that it will be interesting for those who watch – that it is quality production and that everything is well thought out. We use a lot of the same content on stage, on the screens behind, and we will not stop with this, but develop it further in the next projects, he says.

This is how Alan Walker creates a loyal fan base – walkers as he calls them. These have also been involved in designing the cover art on “World of Walker”.

– I received 15,000 input from walkers via our website where we asked them to send in a picture with a face mask or hoodie. Then we took these pictures and created the cover on the cover. The response was pretty cool, but we could not use everything. Then it would have been so small that it would have had no purpose, says Walker.

– Speaking of face mask; it was your trademark long before the pandemic. How does it feel to be a pioneer in the field?

– Hehe, it feels pretty good that wearing a mask has become more normal, but it was a matter of course during the pandemic that everyone had to wear a mask. I did not exactly see it coming, the pandemic, there were no ulterior motives associated with it!

CRYPT ART: The contents of these discs are central to the Alan Walker universe.

Alan Walker has just returned from concerts in the USA and calls it “highly anticipated” to finally be in front of an audience again. And at home means relaxation.

– Relaxing for me is really coming home and being with family and friends. Play Playstation for many hours and just forget that you have just returned from a very hectic tour. Then you are completely out of that bubble again, and everything is fine.

– Are you living the dream?

– Yes, I think it’s quite fun that the hobby that I started with at home in the boys’ room in Bergen has developed into a career that also allows me to travel around the world and play music that makes both me and the audience feel Good.

– How many days will it be at home in Bergen in 2022?

– No, say it … I’ll probably spend a few weeks here and there during the year. Most often it is around birthdays and during the Christmas period that I love family. Otherwise, I mostly focus on holding concerts and traveling around, says Walker.

According to social media, his longtime girlfriend Viivi Niemi is often with.

– You have a home in Bergen, but have not become a cohabitant yet?

– You can almost count it as that, me and the madam!

COUPLE IN BERGEN: Alan Walker and Viivi Niemi, here during the Spellemann Prize 2018.

– You have a lot of walkers, but do you also have stalkers?

– Yes, I probably have. Some can be quite annoying on Instagram and such, but not really so much that it is noticeable, Walker says while his gaze glides up at the wall’s crypto art again.

If he himself would consider investing in crypto art, as his Fana colleague Kygo has done?

– I could have thrown myself on the wave and invested in NFT which is very popular during the day, but I have not fully understood it and do not feel quite ready for it yet. But it can come.


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