Tuesday, November 30

The success coach about the future: – It goes without saying that it is tempting

With the 2-0 victory over CSKA Sofia on Thursday night, Bodø / Glimt secured games in the Conference League also after the New Year.

– It is an extreme carrot to know that maybe in February or March – or both – we can have matches that mean something. It is incredibly important for the player group and the club, says Bodø / Glimt coach Kjetil Knutsen to TV 2.

– Not my job to put myself in what others want to do with their careers

– It makes the preseason totally different than what Bodø / Glimt has ever had before. I think it will be a fantastic entrance towards 2022, Knutsen continues.

– And of course you join that adventure?

– I expected it to come, Knutsen answers TV 2’s questions.

– It goes without saying that it is tempting to join the journey in 2022, but we will make that decision when the time is right, says Knutsen.

Knutsen has been connected to Rosenborg, and he was also mentioned in connection with the manager job in Norwich, which ended up hiring Dean Smith.

Kjetil Knutsen and Bodø / Glimt lead the Conference League group one point ahead of Roma when one match remains. The winner of the group goes straight to the playoffs, while the team in second place will play for a place in the quarterfinals.

Shortly after the match, Knutsen told Viaplay the following about the future of Aspmyra:

– It is fantastic to be here because there are so many people going in the same direction. And then it is sometimes the case that you have to make your own reflections. Think through things and seaweed, and make a choice that is right, first and foremost for myself and those around me. But it will come when it comes.

Knutsen also admitted to Viaplay that he had set a deadline for when the reflection period is over.

– I have some deadlines, but I keep it to myself, he says.

– As I said, I am very happy with the situation here I am in, and then I will be clear to the outside world when the time is right, says Knutsen.


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