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Several postpone Christmas shopping: Vinmonopolet expects 2.5 million customers in two weeks

Sold out goods and queues can be the result if “everyone” postpones the trade until just before Christmas.

Vinmonopolet estimates the Christmas traffic of all time if people do not start Christmas shopping earlier than the last weeks before Christmas.

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The wine monopoly is now asking people to plan their alcohol purchases in the same way as last year. Jens Nordahl, head of communications, justifies this by saying that there is a growing infection in society at the same time as they still have corona pressure in the shops.

– We look at the numbers that it goes against the Christmas traffic of all time, Nordahl says to E24.

Nordahl’s figures show that sales through the autumn of this year are approximately 30 per cent above the normal year 2019, but approximately 13 per cent during the same period last year. At the same time, the shopping pattern of Norwegians has slipped back to the way it was in 2019.

– People were extremely good at planning last year. People do not seem to be in any crisis mode this autumn here, says Nordahl and makes a reservation that it is based on Vinmonopolet’s figures.

Now Nordahl sees that shopping habits are quite normal again, and that means that most people will postpone Christmas shopping until weeks 50 and 51, according to Nordahl. Turns out, he estimates they will have about 2.5 million customers in the last two weeks before Christmas.

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Queue and sold out items

– If “everyone” arrives in the last week before Christmas, you must be prepared to stand in line for a while, and in some cases there may be a queue outside the shops. There can also be occasional sold-out situations, says Nordahl.

He adds that both they and the wine wholesalers have built up a large warehouse and that there will be no major problems with the supply of goods in general. In addition, they have “large, robust stores” and employees who can help with options if things should be sold out.

Nevertheless, Vinmonopolet encourages customers to make Christmas shopping a little more flexible, also this year.

– Now customers get this information early, and can then make a choice to shop earlier than planned and thus avoid queues and stress, according to Nordahl.

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Do not plan your own measures

Before Christmas last year, Vinmonopolet had a “full corona effect”. Nightlife was characterized by restrictions, in Oslo the bar was completely closed, travel was discouraged and people were encouraged to stay at home. Then the pole’s customers bought several liters per transaction, earlier in the day and earlier in the week.

– What was the whole thing last year was that people were so extremely good at planning their Christmas shopping, says Nordahl and points out that the Christmas shopping had already started at this time.

This was the sale at Vinmonopolet on Tuesday this week, compared with the corresponding Tuesday in 2020 and 2019.

Last year, Vinmonopolet announced in mid-December that the month would be historic. During the autumn pandemic year, they sold more than 2.1 million liters a week on average, this year it is about 13 percent lower at the same time, according to Nordahl.

The infection is now increasing in several places in the country, and on Wednesday, Oslo City Councilor Raymond Johansen encouraged people to use face masks, including on public transport. For Vinmonopolet’s part, they currently have no plans for their own measures in the stores, but they follow the local measures.

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