Tuesday, November 30

Østfold municipalities disagree on infection control measures

ONE OF MORE: FHI believes that the Østfold region should agree on joint infection control measures. Here from Fredrikstad center, which will drop bandages.

The National Institute of Public Health believes that the Østfold region should recommend bandages, social distance, home office and fewer close contacts. But the municipalities disagree on measures.

According to Fredriksstad Blad Increasing infection in Østfold has led FHI to recommend four measures for Fredrikstad and the other municipalities that attend Østfold Hospital.

  • Reduce the number of close contacts
  • Keep your distance where possible
  • Encouragement to use a home office
  • Use face masks when it is not possible to keep distance indoors in the public space (does not apply in schools and kindergartens)

Different infection situation

Municipal chief physician Berit Løkken Finess says the Østfold municipalities have tried to agree on a common line.

– It turned out to be demanding. We have not succeeded in finding measures that everyone can agree on, because the municipalities have very different infection situations, she tells the newspaper.

Fredrikstad will drop face masks and instead focus more on testing, according to Fredriksstad Blad.

Crisis management has come up with recommendations for rapid testing of patients, increased testing in schools and for health professionals with sick children. People are also advised not to visit nursing homes if they have respiratory symptoms.

Sarpsborg introduces much of the same, and the dialogue is close between Halden, Moss, Sarpsborg and Fredrikstad, the newspaper writes.

But among those infected in Sarpsborg, a significant proportion of children are under 13 years of age. Only one of 251 cases of infection last week was a person older than 69 years. So despite the fact that they experience increased infection, little infection among the elderly is one of the reasons why the crisis management in the municipality thought it was not necessary with local corona measures now, according to Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad.

Instead, the municipality has announced a list of advice and recommendations that mainly focus on increased testing, and that people with infection in the household should avoid social activities and leisure activities, as well as work from home if possible.

In Halden, the municipality will on Friday discuss the infection control recommendations, writes Halden Arbeiderblad.


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