Tuesday, November 30

Exploded capacity at Stavanger University Hospital – goes to yellow emergency

Wednesday reported Stavanger Aftenblad. that the beds at SUS are full, and on Thursday it will be clear that the hospital management will increase its preparedness.

Demanding situation

– Today we have chosen to go on yellow alert, says director Eldar Søreide at Helse Stavanger HF, during a press conference.

Technical director Eldar Søreide at Helse Stavanger, informs that they go to yellow emergency at SUS. Photo: Gunnar Ringen Johansen / TV 2

– This is a signal to our employees that there may be changes in measures in the future, and a signal to our partners that we are in a very demanding situation, he says.

Søreide says that it is the corona situation, the RS virus and otherwise a large number of patients that make the situation difficult at the hospital. In addition, there are many employees who are ill themselves.

– This only works because we have employees who are around the clock to make this work, says the director of TV 2.

The situation means that planned treatment plans and operations that are not acute are put on hold.

Never before had more children been admitted

The pressure is especially great on the children and youth ward at the hospital.

– So far in November, the hospital has had 160 children admitted to the pediatric ward. The previous record is 90 children, says chief infection control officer at SUS, Lars Kåre Kleppe.

– It is a demanding situation for us. Today, we have 22 children hospitalized with RS virus and a total of 33 children hospitalized, says department head for the children and youth department at the hospital, Berit Kyllevik, during the press conference.

– We have expanded the area and have a good contingency plan. But it is demanding and we need people with competence, she says.

Kyllevik says the ongoing RS wave is out of the ordinary season, which is usually from January to March. She still hopes that the wave will flatten out towards Christmas.

– Avoid colds in newborns

She further says that they consider the situation safe for the patients, but have an encouragement to parents:

– We ask parents with newborn children to avoid catching colds, she says.

On Wednesday, Søreide asked all municipalities and emergency services that all admissions be considered extra carefully the rest of the week and through the weekend due to the situation.

The population can help both the hospital and patients by following measures and being vaccinated against both corona and influenza, Søreide believes.

The chief infection control officer calls for a clearer assessment of what is an infection situation that can be accepted.

Stavanger University Hospital has blown capacity due to corona and RS viruses.  Photo: Kristian Myhre / TV 2

Stavanger University Hospital has blown capacity due to corona and RS viruses. Photo: Kristian Myhre / TV 2

– I think we have to prepare for a tough winter and that this can take a long time, he says.

– Worrying

At other hospitals, too, capacity has been blown, and it is difficult to get help from other hospitals.

– Therefore, this is a task we largely have to solve locally, says Søreide.

In the last 24 hours, 4575 corona infections have been registered in Norway. Never before have so many people been registered infected in one day, but the explanation for the record probably lies in a backlog of registrations.

On Wednesday, a total of 232 corona patients were admitted to hospitals in Norway. There were three fewer than the day before. 59 of the patients are in the intensive care unit, and among them 35 are on a respirator, according to the Norwegian Directorate of Health’s overview.

– It is worrying, because the health service is characterized by having been in a pandemic for a very long time, says Assistant Director of Health Espen Nakstad to NTB.


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