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Used car test Nissan Leaf: You need to know this before you buy

The Nissan Leaf was the car that really boosted electric car sales. Not only here in Norway, but in fact in large parts of the world.

It came to the rock in 2012 and will soon have a ten-year anniversary. But the fact is that the model is older. Already in 2010, it was launched in the US and Japan. This was where it was thought that the electric cars would “take off”.

Many could not predict that a small, elusive country right next to the North Pole, with a cold climate, snow and a lot of slopes, would be a pioneering country for electric cars.

That California, for example, is better suited does not have to be a rocket scientist to understand. So the idea was logical enough that… With that as a backdrop, one can probably almost only state that the model should not have sold as well as it actually did.

Success from day one

Regardless; the slightly stingy Leaf came. Not only that. It was a resounding success.

Already the following year, in 2013, it became Norway’s third best-selling car. It was sensational, far beyond national borders. At the time, it helped double the number of electric cars in Norway in just one year.

We know the rest of the story. The cars are now everywhere and driven by “everyone”. In total, more than 70,000 Leafs have been sold in Norway during these years. It is also the car Norwegian consumers are most looking for as a used electric car. It shows recent figures from finn.no.

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You have to pay for it now

The years have naturally done something with the prices of the car. You can now use Leaf for less than 30,000 kroner. Then an older car that has come a long way and with the challenges it entails. For 100,000 kroner, you get a nice and well-equipped 2016 model that has gone little.

But it is with the Nissan Leaf as with most used cars. There are a number of things you should know and be aware of before buying it.

What it is you get the answer in the videos in this case. We have included the first generation of the bestseller on the used car test and show you the strengths and weaknesses of the model. Whether it still holds true? You get the answer in the video.

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Video: See our used car test of the Nissan Leaf here


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