Saturday, November 27

Police: Burglar attacked with knife and ax

A burglar in Sandnes is said to have attacked with a knife and ax against the couple who owned the home he broke into.


It reports the South-West police district on Sunday morning.

In the morning, the police were notified that a man had broken into a home in Olinehagen in Sandnes. The burglar attacked the reporter and her husband with a knife and ax, the police write in a press release.

Reporter has superficial wounds as a result of the incident. Armed police are hunting the man in the area.

– Melder wakes up from the fact that there is a person in the house and then it has become a basket case where the thief went to attack, says operations manager Jøran Solheim to VG.

The police have notified taxis, buses and the like for observations of the perpetrator. If the audience sees a person who can fit the description, it is requested that the police call 112.

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