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Håvard Rem about Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby: – ​​He was too kind

Håvard Rem (62) wrote a book about “Hank von Helvete” almost ten years ago. Today, Rem describes his deceased friend as “too good for this world”.

Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby, also known as Hank von helvete, died on Friday. The news of the death of the prominent rock figure was received with great sadness among celebrity friends and fans around the world.

Obituary: Now hell is over

Håvard Rem, author, poet and journalist at Dag og Tid, is currently on a job assignment in the USA. He was the one who wrote the biography “HANK” in 2012, and the two became well known. When Rem found out about his friend’s death on Friday, he sat down and wrote a poem to Husby.

When asked by VGTV about the feelings he has after the death message, Rem answers:

– Sad.

He becomes quiet before continuing:

– The only thing I can say beyond sad is really what I write in the poem.

Watch Rem read the poem by Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby on VGTV at the top of the article.

When asked how he would describe Husby as a human being, Rem answers that he was «kind, kind, kind».

– Is not there something called, even if it is a cliché, too good for this world? It was him. He was too kind. Gave too much. He was not kind enough to himself. He was kind to everyone else.

Rem says in a song he has written about Hank before that the world became too small for the rocker. He repeats the message now.

– For Hans-Erik, it was as if the world was too small for his big heart. He was a great soul. He wanted to embrace everything and everyone.

PLAYED TOGETHER: Fv Håvard Rem, Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby and Simen Rem at the Literature Festival in Lofoten in 2013.

Rem believes that Hank spent a lot of his life fleeing the world.

– To anesthetize. I open the book with something that came to characterize his whole life, says Rem – and refers to the fact that Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby lost his mother when he was a little boy.

– It was the sixth anniversary. The birthday when he turned six years old. And which was celebrated, but at the same time his mother died on that day. The whole life was in a way marked by the collision then, which was between having to celebrate the birthday and losing the mother, says Rem.

Ex-wife after Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby’s death: – It hurts

In the recent poem he has written to his friend, Rem uses the word “flesh-eating nakedness”. It’s the sad sixth birthday he’s pointing to.

– Well, that where a flesh wound. It’s medical. It is a wound that will not heal and must be treated. It did not happen. He also spent much of his life treating it himself.

Many of Husby’s closest friends have referred to him as “hertis” in his memoirs.

– As he himself explained it, it is an abbreviation for Hertugen, Rem explains and says that the term is linked to a favorite book Hank had, namely Jens Bjørneboe’s “Hertug Hans”.

– He was a reading horse.

Rem reminisces back to when they collaborated on the book, which contains over 500 pages of life history.

– It will be as if you were interviewing me now for the next two years. It will be like an interview that lasts for several years, he says and explains that a relationship of trust arose, where Husby took him into his life.

In the years since the book was published, Rem and his eldest son Simen Rem (32) have also toured with Husby.

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