Saturday, November 27

Even more “signs of life” from Peng Shuai

SMILES WITH CHILDREN: Peng Shuai, autographs write happy and satisfied in a video that will be from a tournament in Beijing on Sunday.

Tennis star Peng Shuai poses with happy children in one of several new videos that will show that she is doing well in China.

The serial around the Chinese tennis star, who suddenly disappeared after accusing one-party Deputy Prime Minister Zhang Gaoli of sexual abuse, does not end.

Yesterday, VG wrote about Joe Biden who has now thrown herself into the case, and demanded independent verifiable proof of where she is.

He demands this after the journalist Shen Shiwei on Friday sent out what are allegedly fresh pictures of her. Shen works for CGTN, an international division of the state-controlled channel CCTV.

On the night before Sunday, the same Shen published another new “proof” that Peng is alive. It’s a video from a gym, and Shen writes:

Peng Shuai will attend the opening ceremony of the Junior Tennis Challenger Finals this morning.

The video from the tennis tournament is also published by the Global Times, another station controlled by the Chinese state, writes BBC.

IN THE DINNER: Still image from the video that was broadcast earlier on Saturday, where you see Peng Shuai having dinner, with, among others, the deputy head of the China Open.

Shen also published a video where Peng signs balls and poses with happy children, apparently in the same sports hall.

On Sunday night, Reuters writes that Peng has seen the tennis tournament, according to official photos from the China Open.

The WTA, the women’s tennis association, still cannot be reassured.

“The images and videos of Peng Shuai are insufficient and do not respond to the WTA’s concerns,” the statement said.

The night before, he published another video where she had dinner with the deputy head of the China Open, Zhang Junhui, and some others. He talks without Peng answering and in the chat, according to CNN, it is striking that Zhang talks about specific dates. “Tomorrow is November 21, the day of the last match in Duanshi.

According to CNN, another man, Ding Li, also posted a picture of the dinner session.

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