Tuesday, November 30

Turbojugend in grief: – A shock

– This is a shock and very unexpected, says the president of Turbojugend Oslo, Cato André Beachpunk, about Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby’s death to TV 2.

Turbojugend is the international fan club of Turboneger. There are around 2500 branches of the fan club worldwide.

Dyvik, known as Hank von Helvete, was the front man in the band.

Looking forward to touring

Beachpunk says that many fans all over the world have been looking forward to the world tour that Dyvik Husby was to embark on as a solo artist next year.

MOURNING: Cato André Beachpunk says fans all over the world mourn the passing of Hans-Erik Dypvik Husby. Photo: Per Haugen / TV 2

– There are tears, lots of videos and pictures of him and the band on social media where Turbojugend is active, he says.

– Now fans all over the world are mourning.

Furthermore, he says that Turbojugend is like a big family that goes to concerts together, parties together, discovers new music together and cultivates interest in Turboneger together.

– Hans-Erik was a frontman without equal. A great showman who took up a lot of space on stage. Few could make shows like he made shows.

The world’s most dedicated fans

Beachpunk has even been to almost fifty Turboneger concerts and describes the fascination and love that the fans have for the band as completely unique.

– We are the world’s most dedicated prison gang. There are boys and girls of all ages with all kinds of backgrounds who gather behind a dirty denim jacket in the city of the world they come from.

He says it made an impression to read that the bassist in the band, Thomas Seltzer, was planning a musical reunion with Dyvik Husby.

– I was really moved by reading it.

Lost a front figure

The reactions after the death have been many.

Among other things, Norway’s Minister of Culture, Anette Trettebergstuen, has stated that rock has lost a significant front figure.

– Our thoughts go to his family and relatives, writes Trettebergstuen.

The popular artist is hailed on social media.

Artist Carina Dahl is among those who have posted a post on Instagram.

– I enter the stage tonight with you in my heart, writes Dah


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