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Storm-hit Rune (58): Drove five kilometers to get net coverage

WRINKLESS OF THE WIND: Residential area in Begnadalen in Valdres during the clean-up on Saturday.

The autumn storm in southern Norway has deprived several thousand households of their power. But on Sunday, good weather is expected all over the country.


Several thousand are still without electricity after the storm in the southeastern country. Etna Nett’s area is particularly vulnerable, writes Oppland Arbeiderblad. Elvia, Sør-Aurdal energi, and Griug also announced on Saturday morning that some subscribers are without electricity.

Fylkesvei 51 Valdresflya in Innlandet is closed due to bad weather, Vegtrafikksentralen Øst reports. A new assessment of the driving conditions will not be made until Sunday morning at 8 o’clock.

Rune Stenslette (58) is among those who noticed the forces of nature. He lives with his wife Karianne Stenslette (58) and golden retriever Dennis (9) in Begnadalen in Valdres.

When VG talks to him at 13.30 on Saturday, Stenslette had driven five kilometers to get mobile coverage.

– Has been running chainsaws all night

– Large parts of the village here are without electricity and electricity. High voltage lines are down, many have been without electricity and grid since yesterday morning. It’s quite scary because you can not call 110, 112 or 113, says Rune Stenslette.

FRAMED BY THE WEATHER: Rune Stenslette (58) from Begnadalen in Valdres is without electricity and mains after the storm on Friday.

The clean-up work has been in full swing. Both private roads and the road to Begna sawmill have been closed.

– The situation is frustrating. There have been chainsaws all night, we have heard. Forestry machines are clearing. Now the weather has calmed down and we see some sun, but it was a terrible wind yesterday, he says.

Traffic operator Jeanette Andresen at Vegtrafikksentralen Øst promises that there will soon be lights in sight:

– Now there is not much left to clean up. We only have a few roads left that are affected. Valdresflya is closed due to bad weather. But the majority of the many roads that have been closed due to treble and strong winds are now open, she says.

– It was worst in Old Oppland through Valdres. There were uprooted trees after gusts of wind that tore the trees down like matches.

Vegtrafikksentralen Sør also reports that it is quiet after the storm:

– It is calm here now, but yesterday it was an awful lot. West Telemark was worst off with trees falling on power lines and roads, as well as E-verket and Telenor having problems. It was a lot for everyone yesterday, sums up traffic operator Fabian Østeng.

Telenor has increased its staff

Telenor is still experiencing scattered and local outcomes on mobile, broadband and telephony in municipalities in the Inland, Telemark, Vestfold and Viken. This is what information manager Henriette Holte informs VG on Sunday morning.

– The outcome is related to the storm that has caused major power outages. We have been able to set up emergency units that have improved the situation in some areas. In other areas, closed roads and tree falls make the work of error correction difficult.

The company has increased staffing and is in the process of correcting errors where conditions allow it. Until recently, conditions have been too bad for it to be considered prudent to send out contractors, says Holte.

– Tinn municipality (Rjukan) is one of the municipalities that has been affected by power outages. This has affected the telephone network in the area. We have been able to set up a unit that has improved the situation somewhat, but the storm has also caused a fiber break. We will immediately start the work of repairing the fiber cable.

Received salary for cash use

The neighboring village of Rune Stenslette – Nes in Ådal is also hard hit – he reports. There, people have spent five hours from the edge of Hønefoss to drive 50 km home.

– There were bushes across the road all the time, Stenslette states.

– How does it feel to suddenly be outside civilization, cut off from modern means of communication?

– It’s completely damn! I have 5,000 Facebook friends, and work a lot from PC and phone. I am an active Facebook user, and I do not get to watch TV either because we have fiber, Stenslette answers enthusiastically.

– When you do not have a phone and do not get an emergency number and can not shop at the store, it does not feel good. The power was completely off at the store here. Without electricity and electricity, you will not be able to shop if you do not have cash.

– Do you have cash, then?

– Yes, I spend cash all the time, I love to provoke, Rune Stenslette answers and breaks out in a good laugh before he seriously adds:

– But now we see the example of what it is like when the power goes out. You must have cash! You just have to have it.

Good weather weekend in store

Friday’s storm is unusual and not at all harmless, state meteorologist on duty Terje Alvik Walløe at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute informs VG.

– The storm hit places that almost never have problems with wind; the east side of the mountain in southern Norway. At the mountain tops, the wind speed was up to 40 meters per second in some gusts. Places like Geilo and Beitostølen had gusts of over 30 meters per second, while in Hallingdal the gusts were around 25 meters per second, says Walløe.

But after the storm comes the silence. The state meteorologist promises fine weather on Sunday.

– It will be a calm weekend weather-wise, with a lot of sun in southern Norway on Sunday, he tempts.

A lot of sun is expected in both Western Norway, Eastern Norway and Southern Norway on Sunday. Northern Norway, however, must offer snow showers and cold weather.

TAKEN BY THE WIND: State meteorologist on duty Terje Alvik Walløe at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute. Photographed here in 2019.

Next week, the weather will be more turbulent.

– On Monday, a new low pressure comes in, then especially Western Norway, Trøndelag and Nordland up to Bodø will get gales and precipitation. In the mountains it comes as snow, while in the lowlands we get a mixture of snow and rain, says Walløe.

In northern Norway, winter will tighten the cold grip:

It will be a cold, wintery week north of Finnmarksvidda, temperatures will drop to below minus 20. It is cold for the season. Winter has come to stay in the northern part of the country, the state meteorologist concludes.

Watch VGTV’s report from the storm in southern Norway:


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