Saturday, November 27

Six left in “Maskorama” – see tonight’s dice roll

HOPEFUL: Left: The Snow Monster, Santa, The Mermaid, The Teddy Bear, The Nose and The Dragon.

Jenny Skavlan, Emilie «Voe Nereng», Victor Sotberg and Abid Raja are hot predictions. Tonight a new “singer” has to throw away the mask.


Music critic Tor Martin Bøe rolls the dice. VG’s readers can also give a verdict in the form of a roll of the dice throughout the evening. Not least, everyone can still guess who is behind the costumes of the great Maskorama prophet.

Updated on the hints? Check here

The Frog and the Lucky Pig have already had to leave the show, which involves singing, but which still does not claim to be a singing competition. This time, NRK informs that some of the six remaining participants will be allowed to show a new side of themselves in the form of a “surprising and unexpected song choice”.

The article is updated along the way.

Jenny Skavlan on speculation: – I sing like a crow

The secrecy is enormous. The participants do not know who else is competing. Nor do programmers Silje Nordnes have any idea who is hiding behind the masks.

New Abid stunt?

Over 50 percent of those who have guessed in the Maskorama prophet in the last week, believe it is the former Minister of Culture who is hiding behind the costume.

VGTV asked Raja what he thinks about the speculations. To this he replied:

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