Tuesday, November 30

Should there be something more before we close?

ABOUT FOOTBALL: Closing time and final serving are approaching. But it is not certain that Ole Gunnar Solskjær (48) will reach another round.

Ole Gunnar Solskjær has rough days as manager of Manchester United. On Saturday, the club played against Watford away.

Watford-Manchester United 41: Slightly put at the forefront, Solskjær and Manchester United’s autumn has felt like a rough pub crawl.

The bell rings just before closing time, the bartender shouts that it’s the last chance. Should there be something more before we close?

Solskjær and his United team have lost matches so they sing, experienced ruthless criticism, been portrayed as “Dead man walking”, and barely stayed on their knees.

The Norwegian has just reached the last serving. Solskjær has kept the job until now.

But after another scorching loss, away to Joshua King and little Watford, the inevitable question arises again:

When the football team plays like drunk sailors, can the boss get another round?

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