Tuesday, November 30

Several thousand still without electricity: – Extreme conditions

Strong winds led to trouble over large parts of southern Norway on Friday. On Saturday, the emergency network is still down in Vestre Viken Helseforetak and over 7,000 households are without electricity.

– As of now, we have about 1700 powerless customers. Most of them are in the Inland, in the area from Gjøvik and up to Gausdal, says Morten Schau, communications manager at Elvia.

He adds that the network company has worked all night to remove trees and straighten in lines that have smoked.

– There is a lot of work, so we have requisitioned three helicopters to help us find the wrong places.

– Extreme conditions

Tom Ivar Knutsen, network director at Etna Nett, tells TV 2 that they have 5,500 customers without electricity. He further says that there are errors in the regional network throughout Valdres, and that they are waiting for Elvia to rectify their problems.

– High voltage lines have been blown down, so new ones must be set up. There are currently extreme conditions in the power grid with a lot of long-term repair work, says Knutsen.

The households in question are located in the municipalities of Nord-Aurdal, Etnedal, Snertingdal, Nordre Land and Søndre Land.

The emergency network is still down

Hege Frostad Dahle, head of the communications department at Vestre Viken Helseforetak, also confirms that there are still problems with the emergency network.

– We all have a man for the pumps. We staffed yesterday, and keep it that way throughout the day today.

On Saturday morning, she said that the network is unstable, and she still does not know how long the emergency network will be down.

– The problem is concrete in Eggedal, Haglebu, Flå and Nes.


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