Tuesday, November 30

Several large demonstrations against corona measures in Europe

IN PROTEST: Tens of thousands marched through the streets of Vienna in protest of Monday’s shutdown.

Protesters hurled smoke bombs and bottles at police in Vienna. In Zagreb, a journalist was attacked by protesters. Two protesters were shot dead in Rotterdam.


On Saturday, flames and smoke bombs lit up the streets of Vienna. today points out that eggs, beer bottles and smoke bombs have flown through the air in the Austrian capital. And that police who arrest or control people, have been met with blows and kicks.

The number of protesters was up to 38,000 late Saturday afternoon, according to Kronen newspaper.

  • Why is it being demonstrated? Austria tried this week on a shutdown only for the unvaccinated, but it did not last long. From Monday until a maximum of 12 December, the whole country closes down – ie all shops for shopping, all restaurants, hairdressers and all cultural events.
  • What has attracted the most attention, however, is that Austria will introduce a vaccination obligation for everyone from February. They are the first country in Europe to make vaccination compulsory for everyone.

Several times during the day, riots have broken out and there have been attacks on the police, both with bottles and fireworks, but just before 19 Norwegian time, Heute reported that the demonstration was coming to an end, that it had calmed down.

1300 policemen were called out into the streets:

Although Austria still has a shutdown for the unvaccinated, the unvaccinated can still demonstrate. But if more than 50 are gathered, FFP2 bandages are actually mandatory, Austrian police pointed out to VG earlier this week.

– That is what we can enforce, a police spokesman pointed out to VG.

So far it does not seem to be going so well. Because according to local media, there are many without face masks:

Heute wrote on Saturday afternoon that a statement from the police about a bandage was met with a pipe concert from the protesters, and shouts at the police as “Gestapo” and “police pigs”.

It is the right-wing nationalist Freedom Party (FPÖ) that encouraged people to take to the streets of Vienna on Saturday. They are the third largest party in the Austrian parliament.

Interior Minister Karl Nehammer says in a statement that it is completely unacceptable if police are attacked and criminal acts are committed during a meeting organized and promoted by a parliamentary party.

The new restrictions are introduced according to the highest infection rates Austria has had through the pandemic. In Salzburg, hospitals have warned that they can not necessarily provide people with health care.

Demonstrations in Zagreb – journalist attacked

Also in the Croatian capital Zagreb, people have a large crowd protesting against corona measures and corona passes on Saturday:

RTL journalist Goran Latkovic was attacked when he reported from the demonstration. according to RTL he was beaten in the ribs and in the back of the head.

– I strongly condemn the attack, writes Croatia’s Minister of Culture and Media Nina Koržinek on Twitter.

RTL writes that unofficial estimates estimated 10,000 to 20,000 participants in the demonstration.

Rome – out towards coronapass

Several thousand protesters also gathered in the Italian capital Rome to demonstrate against the corona pass on Saturday:

In Milan, clashes broke out between protesters and police:


There were also demonstrations in Zurich and Lausanne in Switzerland. according to view was over 1000 people gathered in Lausanne.

Two shots during a demonstration in Rotterdam

Friday night and last night it was in Rotterdam in the Netherlands it was temperature.

At least seven people were injured, shots were fired and the streets burned on Friday night when a demonstration against the Dutch government’s corona measures degenerated into riots.

FIRE: Bicycles, electric scooters and police cars were set on fire in Rotterdam on Friday night.
  • At least 51 people have been arrested, reports the police in Rotterdam Twitter. According to De Telegraaf, about half are minors.
  • Became a riot: According to the police, the demonstration degenerated into riots, where protesters set things on fire in several places, fired fireworks and threw objects at police and firefighters. A water cannon was used to stagnate the crowd, who also attacked police cars:
POLICE CAR: People attacked police cars and set fire to rubbish bins and street furniture at Coolsingel in the center of Rotterdam.
  • Two people shot: Two protesters were shot and are hospitalized, writes De Telegraaf. They point out that it is being investigated whether they were shot by the police. The national broadcaster US writes that the police fired warning shots and aimed shots and quotes the police on the following: “The situation became at one point so dangerous that the officers saw themselves forced to fire aimed shots.”

A spokesman for the police union says that “now the limit has been reached”, according to the Dutch newspaper The Telegraph.

– My colleagues in Rotterdam are currently having a very difficult time. They were so pushed into a corner that they were forced to shoot in pure self-defense. What is happening here can not be described, says Gerrit van de Kamp, leader of the Police Association ACP, to the newspaper.

  • Injured police officers: The police write on Twitter that a policeman received such severe injuries to his leg that he had to be hospitalized. They write that several received minor injuries and hearing damage during the attacks with stones and fireworks.
  • No fatalities: Police wrote on Twitter on Saturday afternoon that they were circulating rumors that a person was killed in the riots, but that it was not true

Rotterdam rapporteur Ahmed Aboutaleb mentions according to De Volkskrant the riots «an orgy of violence».

– Last night, hell broke loose in Rotterdam. It thus does not feel right to carry out the demonstration, writes United We Stand Europe, which had called for a demonstration in the Dutch capital on Saturday, reports NTB.

AFTERWARDS: The photo, taken on Saturday night, shows burnt bicycles in the center of Rotterdam. The police also state that they have started an extensive investigation and are asking the public for help, including photos and films from the incidents.

Minister of Justice Ferd Grapperhaus mean that the riots “had nothing to do with demonstrations.” The Minister expects more arrests and that the perpetrators are quickly brought to justice. He believes the incidents are “repulsive”.


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