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New Solskjær failure: This is no longer possible!

New Solskjær failure: This is no longer possible!

(Watford-Manchester United 4-1) Manchester United will have to get a different manager than Ole Gunnar Solskjær.


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The cup has been strictly for quite a long time. But the humiliation on Vicarage Road should not have just been the drop that made it overflow. Here the tap is turned so hard that there can hardly be any doubt anymore.

No matter how much it hurts to get rid of a club legend, the Manchester United management no longer has a choice.

Ole Gunnar Solskjær must leave the job.

He has to go now.

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The skepticism was great when he got the job, as a coaching background from Cardiff and Molde is significantly thinner than what managers in rival clubs can boast. The last three years have fluctuated sharply, and at times it has looked as if he should get used to building a new big team.

But this autumn, there is simply too much that speaks against him, that it is possible to find sufficient rational arguments to keep him.

He has had to spend large sums on strengthening the stable, and should have a crew that can challenge the best. But it’s not just that they struggle at times, it’s hard to see a plan and a thought behind what he really wants.

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After failing with David Moyes, Louis van Gaal and José Mourinho, it is probably a long way to go to admit that even managerial appointment number four after Alex Ferguson resigned will remain in the history books as a failure.

But do they really have any other choice now? Even the most incompetent Norwegian can now claim that Solskjær is the most competent managerial alternative for what is to be one of the world’s biggest clubs.

Ok, they were crushed by Liverpool and put in place by Manchester City, who are the last two league champions in the Premier League.

This Saturday, however, it was Watford who drove over what should be a far better opponent. It happened after Ole Gunnar Solskjær had had the international break to come up with something that could turn the ship around.

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Instead, the pain has become so infinitely worse for a club that almost never holds zero, and which is nowhere near having the stability that is to be expected.

12 league rounds into the season, Manchester United have already lost five times – there are as many games as they have won. It is miles away from being acceptable. The distance to league leader Chelsea is a staggering twelve points.

Even in the Champions League, they have not kept the standard the fans rightly want.

Of course, it’s unfortunate that Raphaël Varane has been so vulnerable, and it has not exactly helped that Harry Maguire has at times been incredibly weak.

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However, such explanations are nowhere near sufficient excuses for Solskjær. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to come up with a sufficient defense for this to continue.

The mechanisms of football are tough, and in this round both Aston Villa (Gerrard), Norwich (Smith) and Newcastle (should have been Howe, but he got the corona) posed with a new skipper. Manchester United should do that in the next round.

Ole Gunnar has not won a single trophy as manager of Manchester United. He will not do that either, as long as the management draws the conclusion that forces itself forward:

This does not work anymore.


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