Saturday, November 27

Japhet back from injury

– The injury came after the previous national team break, where I had played two full matches. I felt a slight overload in the hoarding. I was completely out for three weeks, before I have recently started to train fully.

Sery Larsen lost the last three matches in the Eliteserien, but finally got to play again last Sunday against Bjarg. After a number of injuries in Brann’s defensive line, the Dane thinks it’s good to be back and is looking forward to the last four matches.

– I’m really looking forward to playing again. All the matches ahead are important. We have played very well the last few games, and we definitely have the opportunity to win the next ones. We had earned more points in some of the previous matches, so I hope the margins are with us going forward, but we take all the points we can get.

Brann has had a good period with good play in recent games, but as Sery Larsen himself says, the margins have not been entirely on Brann’s side.

– We focus on many of the same things now towards the sprint. We have focused on the offensive part, how we treat the ball on the opponent’s half. We succeed well against Bjarg.

The last match before the national team break ended with points sharing at the Stadium against Rosenborg.

– The result against Rosenborg has had a great impact on the motivation in the player group. At the same time, I think we deserved to win the match. We are of course happy to get one point, but we are aware of how well we played and that we are more than good enough to beat them.

The next home game is against Molde on November 28. You can buy tickets for the match here
Sunday’s match against Sandefjord you can watch Discovery + and Eurosport + from kl. 17.00.

– The support we have received from the supporters has been enormous until now. It has helped us a lot. Among other things, I will never forget the support we received away from Mjøndalen, it was absolutely fantastic.

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