Tuesday, November 30

Insane OBOS drama: Aalesund is ready for the Eliteserien

(AaFK – Ull / Kisa 4–2) Stefan Landro and Ull / Kisa did everything they could to spoil the promotion party, but Aalesund turned the match around and secured the Elite Series ticket for 2022.

Sigurd Haugen scored two of the three goals that sent AaFK to the Eliteserien

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Thus, it was with one season in the OBOS league for the Sunnmøringen. It was a highly dramatic afternoon at the second highest level.

The premises were clear: With a victory, Aalesund and Lars Arne Nilsen’s men would be ready for the Elite Series.

But not only did AaFK end up below Ull / Kisa. In addition, Jerv took the lead both 1-0 and 2-0 over Raufoss in Grimstad. 20 minutes before the end, there was suddenly only one point difference between the two promotion rivals.

But Sigurd Haugen and Simen Bolkan Nordli wanted it differently, and turned the match around for an Aalesund that was ready for a promotion party.

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Ranheim player scored from almost 70 meters away

But it was a long way off, and it did not start very promising for the 8000 people present in Ålesund. When the half hour had passed, Ull / Kisa’s Henrik Kristiansen sent off a projectile of a free kick. Over the wall and up at an angle of 1-0.

Ull / Kisa made it difficult for Aalesund, but

But the home team continued to push. Sigurd Haugen was first on his own return and made it 1-1 five minutes before the break.

Just after the break, the ball was in the net, but even before the ball crossed the goal line, the referee had blown against The mound inside the field. Thus, the scoring was canceled. AaFK continued to hunt, but it did not want to.

Meanwhile, Willis Furtado had sent Jerv ahead against Raufoss. Then there were two points between number two and three on the table. Then the nerves began to spread among the oranges, and suddenly it was Kisa and Sondre Sørløkk who took the lead on Color Line.

The goal came after a pass in the backcourt and weak defensive play, with Jørgen Hatlehol in the lead. Not long after, Jerv went up to 2-0 in Grimstad. But Aalesund answered. Again it was Sigurd Haugen. This time with the forehead brash and 2–2.

The home team continued the enormous pressure, and it took complete fire when 3-2 finally came. With his eminent right foot, Simen Bolkan Nordli sent the ball over the wall and straight into the net behind an outplayed Stefan Hagerup in the Ull / Kisa goal.

When David Olafsson set the final score at 4-2, Lars Arne Nilsen stormed the pitch and was able to cheer for promotion.

In parallel with what happened in Ålesund, Strømmen relegated after losing 1-3 to Grorud.


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