Tuesday, November 30

Here is Princess Ingrid Alexandra (17) in free fall

Princess Ingrid Alexandra was today given a tour by the Hunter Troop at Rena camp. The tour was the confirmation gift from the Armed Forces to the Princess, who has been postponed due to the pandemic.

The princess, who will soon be of legal age, completed the visit without any other members of the royal family.

No sign of fear of heights

The princess first got an introduction to what the Hunter Troop does. Then she got to meet a fully equipped soldier and feel the sack of just over 50 kilos, which the soldiers carry with them.

GUIDED TOUR: Princess Ingrid Alexandra at Rena camp on Saturday. Photo: Annika Byrde / NTB

The princess wore parachute equipment, and a brief introduction to how to perform a parachute jump. Two steps forward, and jump.

Then to the big test. Along with two others, she jumped off

The head of the Armed Forces’ Security Command, Lars William Lilleby, was impressed by the heir to the throne’s efforts.

– It went very, very well. It was great joy and good effort. It worked very well.

SAFE DOWN AGAIN: The princess showed no signs of fear of heights.  Photo: Annika Byrde / NTB

SAFE DOWN AGAIN: The princess showed no signs of fear of heights. Photo: Annika Byrde / NTB

Exclusively women

Tough that she did not withdraw?

– Yes, it was great. Impressive.

The hunter troop is a troop with exclusively female conscripts. The troop is important for getting in touch with the female proportion of the population abroad, and provides a better gender balance in the armed forces, especially in the special forces, says Lilleby.

How important is it to have a squad that is only for women?

– It is very important. We see that they that women have some qualities that the boys do not have. Especially here on the hunter troop we see that they are very good at shooting. They learn quickly, they are very painstaking and accountable in their work when it comes to documenting and reporting, which is an important part of the special assignment they perform, says Lilleby.

In 2014, conscription for women became compulsory. The princess, who turns 18 on January 21, will thus possibly complete her first service.

– We are very happy and it is very positive with conscription for women, he says.


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