Saturday, November 27

Frank (4) disappeared during the hare hunt – stuck on a ledge

TO THE RESCUE: The fire brigade had to rappel down to the rock ledge to get the dog up.

The owner had to watch helplessly as the dog stood and whimpered. Then the fire brigade came from Namsos.


Sandra Gausen and the short-haired dachshund Frank had been on a hare hunt since this morning when the dog probably got the hang of something. Maybe a deer, because suddenly Frank had run a long way.

And then the GPS stood for a long time in the same place, on Follavatnet by Malm in Trøndelag. The owner suspected that he had got stuck and went to look.

She found him on a ledge.

– It was steep on all sides around him. It was 15-20 meters straight down, Gausen estimates to VG.

It was dark, steep and slippery – and not least a desperate situation for the owner.

– I did not get down to him. Then he stood there whining, and I could not help him, says Gausen.

It was Adresseavisen who first mentioned the rescue operation. For the Fire Brigade from Namsos moved out at 4 pm on Saturday.

– There were four who came. Three went up with rappelling equipment, secured themselves and got him up. It went very well, the whole rescue operation, says the owner.

– Was it a happy reunion?

– Yes very. We were very happy, both dog and owner. He was soft and cold and really appreciated getting in, says Gausen.

Namsos Fire and Rescue has shared a picture of the action on Facebook.

– We practice rope rescue regularly, and it is good to see that this competence is useful, so that this incident had a good outcome, they write.

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